Contact Center Operations

Streamlining contact center operations while improving customer satisfaction

Even though the client’s book of business was profitable, inefficiencies across the board prevented it to secure new customers. CKYC Processing, simple though it may sound, had serious considerations. The basic functionalities, be it any process, suffered because of its lapse. However, our reputation helped earn our client’s trust. They counted on our technical know-how, digital consulting, domain, and process expertise to deliver a roadmap that would transform its business scope and functioning.

The Client

A deposit-taking housing finance company, providing access to affordable housing finance to lower and middle-income groups in the semi-urban and rural parts of India.

Addressing The Need

Boosting customer satisfaction, as their queries are addressed faster, functional silos are eliminated and an overall reduction in costs for a sustained business impact and a promise of continuous improvement.

Writer Information’s Solution

End-to-end contact centre facility, complemented with a technology-driven state-of-the-art, defect-free measurement system, for proactive decision-making, and all-embracing data management practices through data-driven analytics and precise reporting patterns.

Impact On Business

With a cost-effective model, the Writer team was able to manage the CSAT from the inception month and was able to meet the set SLAs.

  • Business Challenge

    One of the leading life insurance companies needed to optimise its customer service operations, with a blend of Inbound and Outbound facilities, catering to PAN India Customers for Life Insurance. The client had a requirement of executives to access multiple online CRM for resolving queries, attending to requests. The client also wanted multi-linguistic calling support from a centralised location, which will make the model cost-effective. Other specific requirements included:

    • Multi-Level IVR – Development and Recording
    • ACD and Dialer
    • Skill Based IVR Call Routing
    • Live reports
    • Dedicated Domain


    The client had a few expectations when they partnered with us. The client wanted to outpace the others by striving towards excellence with its best-in-class operational processes. And, for that, it needed us to identify the core areas of improvement and implement those in their processes and functions. They looked for a digital transformation to achieve

    • Processing 10 lacs+ accumulated records
    • Time to be taken for the same, not more than 4 to 5 months
    • A regular inflow of 3 lacs+ records
    • Improving the SLAs by 80% for the ongoing volume

    We at Writer Information faced the challenge to integrate processes and then set up a best-in-class system for measurement in order to facilitate the customer service KPIs, bring down manual intervention as much as possible, and augment the service environment that can lead to lower operating costs.

    We had to boost customer experience and improve the loyalty by synchronizing servicing across multiple channels along with other customer touch points through sustained reporting, analytics, and data management solutions.

    Writer Information’s Approach

    True optimization of the contact center can only be achieved by complementing the technological prowess with a measurement system that’s defect-free, proactive decision-making, which is aided by data-driven analytics, and lastly end-to-end visibility of the entire customer journey, with the help of extensive data management practices.

    The solution included comprehensive reporting, for voice as well as non-voice contact centre processes and to drive business impact projects. A reporting team provided a dedicated MIS support for timely delivery and an accurate reporting on KPIs and business metrics across the processes.

    Prior to shifting services to Writer, the client’s per seat cost was high. But when we took over, along with an improved set of services, dialer application, voice blasters, multi-linguistic calling support, skill-based call routing, we offered a cost-effective price with a state-of-the-art facility, along with a dedicated domain.

    The call center services that were executed from our end, also included:

    • Monitoring from on site and off site, including ACD monitoring
    • Live barging
    • Recording of calls, report access etc.
    • Online application of client being accessed from the Call Center set on real time basis
    • Customers to be updated on real time
  • Impact On Business

    With a cost-effective model, we were able to manage the CSAT from the inception month.

    INBOUND – One Quarter

    Offered Calls – 6417 – 12460

    Answered Calls – 6262 – 12024

    Actual Abandoned – 156 – 394

    Actual Abandoned% – 2% – 3%

    Short Calls – 0 – 51

    Short Calls% – 0% –0% – 156 – 426

    Aban. Calls = Actual Aban + Short Calls

    Service Level – 98% – 97%

    Average Hold in Seconds – nil – 67

    AVG ACW – 8 – 7

    ATT in seconds – 391 – 336

    AHT in seconds – nil – 335

    It was also possible for us to meet the set SLAs. We could deliver on our promises through:

    • Multi language IVR
    • Multi-level IVR
    • IVR Recording by Voice Artists in multi-language
    • Skill Based Call Routing
    • Multi language Support from centralised locations
    • Dedicated Domain and access to Contact Center from remote locations
    • ACD – Live monitoring
    • Dialer applications
    • Voice blasters
    • SMS Blasts
    • Live Reports – ACD Based