Customised Web Access Module

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The client approached us while it was facing challenges when it comes to getting real-time updates on the status of invoices, which are picked up from their CFA/depots and storage facilities. The accuracy of the metadata was another concern because of the varied data formats at different depots.


  • Inventorising and Pickup of records from 39 CFA/Depots from 4 regions in India (East/West/North/South)
  • Transportation and storage of these records at 10 WIMS Record Centers across the country
  • Timely upload of the inventory data in O’Neil application
  • Digitising the Load Chart copies and uploading the same on a customised module called Infosmart
  • Real-time tracking of the pan India invoice inventory by the client’s staff at their Gurgaon office, as well as regional offices

Whether it be historical records, blueprints, deeds, contracts, patents, or archival photographs, vital records are among the most crucial assets, in the company. Therefore it’s of primary importance to protect them in climate-controlled secure storage environments that provide optimal protection against extremes in temperature, dust, moisture, and contaminants. The secure facilities are designed in a manner that is made resistant to seismic activities, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other form of man-made and natural disasters.

  • Challenges

    When we got the contract, there were a few challenges ahead of us. The standard Infosmart Web Module was lacking in following the two key requirements of the client:

    • Viewing the digitised format of the load charts online
    • Viewing the metadata header in the client’s nomenclature as against the standard O’Neil headers


    Running a company involves managing hundreds of essential documents, business papers, and invoices. And, the volume of papers seems to be perpetually rising. So, , it becomes mandatory to manage an ever-growing volume and variety of assets and information.. We took the onus to protect whichever document the client deems the most valuable. And along with being secured, we ensured that the documents could be recovered when needed.

    So as we planned on how to chalk out our services, we kept in mind to:

    • Manage information growth and scale on-demand
    • Enable recovery – in the event of a disaster
  • Solution

    We were quite confident of offering the very best solutions and deliver as per the promises made to the client that included:

    • The specific requirement of the client was resolved by developing a client-specific Web Module, which was named WWM, wherein the O’Neil inventory fields were mapped to the WWM
    • The development of this module was done by our in-house IT team
    • This module converts and displays the O’Neil inventory/metadata headers as per the client nomenclature
    • We also offered r value-added services, which made their day-to-day monitoring quite easy and hassle-free