Provide end-to-end CAF processing and migration services for India’s top telecom company.

India's top telecommunications service provider has a customer base of more than 200 million. It has a digital network that is capable of supporting best-of-class services spanning the entire communications value chain, covering over 21,000 cities and towns and over 400,000 villages.

  • The Challenge
    • Seamless transition of CAF Management services from the earlier vendor.
    • Mobile number to be activated within 4 hours (T+4) of Customer submitting Customer Application Form (CAF) at any of the Distributors or Sales Offices across designated Circles.
    • Circles were located in regions with hilly terrain making physical movement of CAFs to processing centers time consuming and hence bursting TAT of T+4
    • Migration of CAFs from earlier vendors to WIMS Facilities.
    • Re-inventorisation of these CAFs.
    • Managing TERM retrievals by regulator during this transition.
    • Audit of documents were proving to be a challenge.
    • Customer services were being impacted.
  • The Solution
    • Dedicated systems, Teams and workflow in place to ensure smooth transition and execution of CAF Management.
    • Scanning and indexing software deployed for Distributors to digitize and upload CAFs to our Servers.
    • Dedicated BPO established to deliver the following:
      • Inward of uploaded images.
      • Content audit and image based KYC check.
      • Data processing in WIMS workflow.
      • Data and image upload to Customer’s CRM.
    • Physical CAFs picked up at Distributor points with first level Audit.
    • Inwarding and inventorisation of CAFs at WIMS Facilities with second level Audit.
    • Activated more than 20,000 Customers on daily basis.
    • Digitized and processed more than 60,000 images on daily basis.
    • Daily reporting dashboards established.
    • Web-access to all CAFs in our system provided to the Customer.
    • CAF Migration processes implemented.
      • Picked up CAFs on said to contain basis
      • Barcoding & Inventorization of CAFs.
      • Dedicated Team deployed to ensure faster inventorization.

Benefit to our Customer

  • Transition of CAF management and migration completed in record time.
  • Updated inventory data access to Customers.
  • 100% retrievals during TERM Audits–no defaults, no penalties for Customer.
  • Improved Customer acquisition and post-sale services.
  • No CAPEX investments in any part of this deployment.
  • All Info-Security parameters and SLAs of the Customer were addressed.
  • Customer achieved their CAF management, migration and TERM Audit milestones.