How to help banks manage video information post the demonetization of currency notes.

The Challenge for Writer Information

Post the announcement of demonetization on November 8, 2016, the Banks were asked by Reserve Bank of India to maintain the recordings of all transactions by customers at the Bank.

These recordings were stored on hard drives [HDD]. The challenge here was to store the hard disks, manage information retrieval quickly from it, and help the Bank respond quickly to any queries from the RBI on the video information stored in these hard disks.


The Solution

Writer Information helped a major Indian Bank with 1000s of branches across the country to manage this video information effectively.

The process was:

  • Send a team to the branches in secure vehicles to collect the HDD
  • Assess the quality of images in the HDD and confirm it to the Bank
  • Convert, compress, and cue these videos for retrieval. Make the videos available online for the Bank via SFTP
  • Enable the bank’s help-desk to pull the HDD video content via SFTP to search and respond quickly to any queries from RBI.