IGRS Digitisation Project

Imaging solutions to digitally restore vital and relevant documents.


The client is a Registration department of the Government present in the southern state of India, a pioneer in computerisation and digitisation. The department has been maintaining registered documents in digital format since 2009.


The client had a requirement of digitising approximately 32 crore pages of documents, which were in book form registered from 1865 and maintained at 575 sub-registrar offices across the client state.


We successfully rolled out the project in 224 remote locations within a span of 3 weeks; 350 scanners (Fujitsu SV600) and 450 laptops and 600+ manpower were deployed across the interiors of the state.


Overhead scanners were used ensuring utmost precision and no damage to the documents. RPA based application for image quality check and Tableau based software for daily production reports ensured project delivery within stipulated timeframes.

Document imaging solutions are created, which are designed to achieve short-and long-term objectives. Based on the needs and expectations of the clients, we come up with ways to increase efficiency by managing information digitally. Our document imaging services digitise physical documents that help to optimise business applications and leverage technology investments better. The digitised documents are secure, convenient and help the clients meet compliance objectives and other business obligations.

  • Challenges

    The tech intervention to secure relevant documents for better accessibility and convenience.

    The Registration department acts as a custodian of records relating to the transfer of properties, Marriage Registration, Births and Deaths Registration. The copies of scanned documents provided by the Registration department have the authenticity of being submitted as evidence in the Courts;

    hence when we received the contract there were a few aspects to be considered as below:

    • The documents stored in the record room had to be often retrieved and presented for court cases, which involved lending a lot of manual effort and time to retrieve the records. In the process, the records being too old and fragile were in danger of getting damaged while handling.
    • For the documents to be digitised, the records and images had to be hosted on the DMS server that would ensure reduction in retrieval time and manpower effort to a great extent.
  • Solution

    We received the contract, wherein, within the entire project duration of 6 months, we had to cater to approximately 25 crore pages across 224 locations in the entire southern state.

    • We through our partners, bought 350 scanners and deployed them at 224 locations along with 400 laptops and 600 people, to execute the job
    • Since the files were fragile and had to be handled with utmost care, overhead scanners were used specifically for this job to ensure scanning with utmost precision and causing minimum damage to the documents
    • We introduced Robotic Process Automation based application for quality checking of images
    • Additionally, we ensure that the entire tracking of activity is done through tableau-based software, where all the locations log in and report their daily count on production
    • Access was provided to departments for daily production reports
  • Impact

    Writer Information was instrumental in achieving the primary objectives of the project and providing impetus to the project through its technology led value adds.

    • Manual handling of records often led to damage and posed a risk of misplacement. Therefore, scanning of these records created soft images for reference
    • Improved accessibility and availability of old records with our Document Management Solution for end-users
    • Metadata helped improve the speed and convenience of accessing documents and information, without any hassles whatsoever
    • We also provided enhanced searchability, which was a linked based facility on various parameters, wherein retrieving data became easy