Leading Indian NBFC in India relies on Writer Information's print dispatch services for its loan customers.

One of the top equipment financing companies has emerged as a comprehensive financial services provider.

It offers vehicle finance, home loans, home equity loans, SME loans, investment advisory services, stock broking, and a variety of other financial services to customers.

It operates through 500 branches and over 7.5 lac customers.

  • The Challenge
    • Key post-customer acquisition process but not a core activity
    • No expertise in the Print and Dispatch Process
    • Non Compliance of TATs when executed internally
    • Space constraints
    • Effective QC not being done
  • The Solution
    • Provided a secure and dedicated area in our facility for Print and Welcome Letter Dispatch Process
    • Deployed dedicated resources and printers
    • Developed custom software for auto-printing to improvise on efficiencies
    • Isolated error cases isolated and escalated these as appropriate
    • Established daily progress dashboard
    • Deployed a dedicated and trained team to manage seasonal volumes.

Benefit to our Customer

  • Successfully met and exceeded customer’s dispatch volume targets.
  • Support to client’s customers with soft copy via Email.
  • Standardized acceptance & rejection parameters for Welcome & Schedule letter kit.
  • Delivery TATs optimised from 21 days to 7 days as desired.
  • Freeing up of customer’s space dedicated for this activity.
  • Month end and seasonal spikes in volumes handled seamlessly within the agreed TATs.