One of India’s largest private sector bank relies on Writer Information's record management to drive their growth for 15 years.

One of India's largest private sector bank with a network of over 4000 branches offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers.

  • The Challenge
    • Bank grew from just 5 branches to more than 4000 branches in just 15 years.
    • Bank was running operational and reputational risks if the content management was not streamlined and structured
    • Increasing client base resulted in shortage of space in Bank’s branches
    • With deep retail penetration plans, the Bank was facing challenges in responding faster to litigations arising out of branches across the country.
    • Bank was determined to have a control on records generated out of various products especially Assets and Liability
    • Bank also had to be compliant to RBI guidelines.
  • The Solution
    • Closely aligned processes & secure logistics model was implemented for pick-up and archival from all the Bank’s branch locations, nationally.
    • Each vertical’s archival and retrieval needs were captured, TATs defined and multiple service offerings, specialized products delivered.
    • Executed KYC forms’ Digitization, Liability & Retail asset’s workflow solution.
    • Created new class of storage solutions with customized, environment-controlled and multi-layered security for various asset classes.
    • Delivered specialized services - India’s first P4 Level Secure Destruction.
    • The Bank also availed of the well-equipped work area, in our facilities for back office activities ensuring secure and faster services to their customers.
    • Dedicated Team and a robust system support to generate and monitor MIS on a regular basis for better control.
    • We also achieved 100% compliance in the Bank’s quarterly audits and ranked on the very top in meeting bank’s safety & security norms.
    • Exclusive and well-equipped work area for Bank’s various back office activities linked to archived documents ensuring timely and quick resolution of their service requirements.
    • Some of the other key projects executed:
      • KYC digitization project delivering more than 10 million images across 10 locations in stipulated timeline.
      • SPDC Management and Retail Assets foreclosure activity out of WIMS facilities.
      • Multiple hub level inward management, digitization and archival of loan assets across various product categories.
    • Daily progress dashboard established.
    • Web-access to all loan assets in our system provided to the bank.

Benefit to our Customer

  • The Bank has achieved all the key benchmarks targeted with over a few million cartons in storage and growing at double digit percentage rates.
  • All risk mitigation and compliance parameters are being met at every storage facility and in our processes.
  • Our systems ensure audit-trial and transactional transparency for the Bank to track the entire life cycle of any individual document or file.
  • And this means complete protection of Bank’s customer’s, stakeholders’ and employees’ interests.
  • Achieved better control on the documents including remote locations across India.
  • At any point of time a complete transactional record during the entire life cycle of individual document is available. Thus the Bank has a complete control on its records and can locate them easily.
  • Bank was able to focus on their core activities and Customer services.