Enable the Complaint Cell Management at Chief Minister's Office, Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh is India’s largest State, home to over 20 Cr citizens and one of the fastest growing States in India.

The Chief Minister’s Office drives UP Government’s initiatives and the CM’s ‘Janata Durbars’ attract citizens with various type of requests for assistance.

Writer Information won the RFP to implement the data processing at CMO’s Complaint Cell.

  • The Challenge
    • Track public grievances received, online
    • Update the complainants at every stage of the complaint process
    • Assign a unique number to every complaint
    • Forward complaints to respective departments and time bound processing of complaints.
    • Capture the gist of every complaint, for a quick assessment
    • Scan the complaint and supporting document for archival and digital reference in future
  • The Solution
    • Introduce unique bar codes to every complaint received. Track this till the processing was completed.
    • Reduce TAT to complete processing to within 2 days of complaint reciept
    • Recommend and successfully implement immediate update through SMS to the complainant at every stage of the complaint process
    • Implement high-speed scanners and compression tools to complete the details of the complaint through scanned images converted to low file sizes
    • Implement a dedicated BPO to deliver the following:
      • Inward of uploaded images
      • Content comprehension and capturing the gist in limited words
      • Data processing in NIC’s workflow
      • Data and image upload to Customer’s CRM
    • Ensure timely outward of complaints through TAT monitoring and physical archival within Chief Minister’s office
    • Activate/ process more than 3000 complaints a day
    • Report daily via dashboards

Benefit to The UP CM's Office

  • Timely processing of complaints
  • Reduced TAT from 3-4 days to within 2 days processing TAT
  • Barcode tracking helped improve tracking of complaints at every stage
  • A timely update sent to complainants at every stage helped boost the confidence of the complainant on the government's initiative
  • An improved digital archival system for future reference