How to destroy your old documents securely on-site.

The Challenge for Writer Information

Banks and Financial Services often need to destroy documents which are past their retention date. They need to do this securely, on site, and with video proof.


The Solution

Writer Information is the only company in India equipped with P4-level document destruction shredder in mobile vans. The shredding technique it uses makes it impossible to put the shredded documents together.

Writer Information uses this technology in Mumbai and New Delhi to help major banks and institutions destroy documents securely.

The shredders are equipped with their own power generation sets and are capable of shredding up to 500 kg of documents each day.

The process followed for shredding is to send the van to the bank's premises to collect the documents. The documents are then hand sifted for hard and soft paper, colored and white before the shredding begins.

The entire procedure of sorting and shredding is recorded on video using a 32 GB chip. This chip provides the customer with Proof of Document Destruction.

Once the documents are shredded, a Certificate of Completion along with the recorded video evidence is given to the customer. The shredded documents are given for recycling.