Z-Category Secured Storage-IDBI

Providing Shield Plus secured storage services to one of our premium clients in the banking sector.

An incident of fire was quite unforeseen and the client had a requirement of a customised premium storage solution, and the availability of such storage infrastructure capacity is rarely found.

Writer Information responded to the urgency of the situation and within a span of 3 months completed all legacy volumes, catering to service requirements to the tune of 25K, plus monthly retrievals and BAU for digitisation.

The Client

This client is a full-service universal bank, providing a vast gamut of financial services and products, encompassing loans, deposits, payment services and investment solutions. The client is committed to understanding the customers’ needs and aims at delivering relevant financial solutions along with excellent customer service.

The Issue At Hand

Approximately 2.4 million documents of the client pertaining to the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Regional Processing Unit (RPU) and Retail Assets Operation (RAO) stored with another service provider. However, a sudden outbreak of fire severely affected the incumbent service partner and client had to reach out to an alternate provider.

Our Solution

We, at Writer Information, sensed the urgency and innovatively conceptualised the requirement of the client, to come up with the desired infrastructure, from the existing storage facility. And, everything was done, in a short span of time, which earned appreciation from the client and helped to eventually win the business contract.

  • Challenges

    This unforeseen requirement arising out of the fire incident came with the challenge of ready infrastructure to the tune of 20,000 square feet. Deliberations and brainstorming led us to develop the required infrastructure the client was looking for.

    There was a need for further ability and agility to ramp up by recruiting, training and deploying the additional workforce for indexing, packing and, digitising the legacy volumes and helping garner additional revenues with excellent customer feedback.

    The challenges faced in this project could be summed up as:

    • Customer was availing the services that had infrastructural requirements equivalent to the highest level of storage i.e. Fire Rated, Temperature Controlled and Humidity controlled environment.
    • Fire incident at incumbent vendor necessitated the movement of the process and ongoing volumes to a safe place with matching infrastructure. AGILITY and INNOVATION were the need of the hour to meet the requirements.


    The client had certain expectations when they outsourced their services to us.

    Within a span of 15 Days, we were able to come up with the desired infrastructure, which not only provided the desired safety requirements but were much more conducive to high activity levels thereby scaling to customers’ expectations of retrieval volumes.

    There were other expectations as well, which we were adept at facilitating a dedicated scanning centre to clear the backlog and provide a rapid ramp-up ensuring business continuity and exceptional service.

  • Solution

    While offering the solutions to the client, Writer Information focused on two areas – innovation and agility – which helped to bring about the much-needed difference in our service offering.

    Innovation helped in:

    • Identifying the suitable area to set up the required infrastructure within the constraints of storage mechanisms and space availability
    • Weighing alternate options to go for new versus existing space options
    • Use of metallic storage containers, which provide Shield Plus storage and specifically fire-resistant for this category
    • Environment Controlled Storage Solutions, which include temperature control, humidity control and dust-free environment.

    Agility helped in:

    • Scheduling the preparedness required
    • Planning in a manner that facilitated both vacating and implementing the required infrastructure alternatively
    • Deploying the right resources to move 6 times the monthly volumes in less than a month
    • Exceptional teamwork by our safety and security team, infra team, as well as the operations team, to ensure we gain the edge over our competitors significantly.