Document Scanning Software - InfoScan™

Harness your information for improved business decisions.

One of the problems that you have to deal with is too many paper documents spread over too many departments.

Or if it’s electronic, there’s still no organized, classification mechanism for managing the files.

The result is you can’t find what you need when you need it. Time, money and resources are wasted often replicating documents, or simply searching for it.


Capture, digitize, tag, index, and verify your documents for easy access.

InfoScan™ (document scanning software) is designed specifically to help enterprise users convert paper documents into electronic documents and digitized data meticulously and classifying the digital copies for quick easy retrieval.

The InfoScan™ application streamlines and automates your digitization processes such as quality checks, image enhancement, data verification, tagging, and indexing.

Get a production-scale scanning engine for image capture.

With InfoScan™ you can capture images, check image quality, tag images, index, verify data and correct it as needed.

The inbuilt simplified batch upload and integration features allow you to use it as a scanning workstation with any Document Management and Workflow system.

It enables scanning of different types of documents with different properties, as per your requirement.

It provides high performance for all the digitization services and can manage thousands of documents per day.

This Document Scanning Solution also provides segregation of scanned documents into various tags automatically, based on configured separators like blank‐page, barcode, and fixed page count.

Key functionalities


Supports all types of standard scanners - TWAIN and ISIS


Provides extensive reports


Capture data and indexes it automatically


Tags images automatically


Simplifies batch upload to Document Management Solution (DMS)


Is fitted with powerful imaging capability

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