Document Management Software - InfoDocs™

A comprehensive Document Management Solution (DMS) that brims with features to manage and control all your information.

InfoDocs™ helps organizations take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Think of a document management software that helps you in all the phases of your document lifecycle - generate, acquire, manage, deliver, and archive.


InfoDocs™ manages scanned images, electronic documents, emails, and electronic data from other applications with ease.

InfoDocs™ handles scale well. 

It goes hand in glove with other enterprise applications, where work actually takes place.  

It helps you with both structured and unstructured documents.

  • Why InfoDocs™

    Go digital to gain competitive advantage.

    Smart organizations have gone digital and are already gaining from increased efficiencies and improved productivity as a result.

    By integrating an Enterprise document management solution with the lead generation applications, you will be able to connect different business processes and information sources. As a result, you will be able to share content, improve awareness, efficiency, and the end results.

    The benefits of going digital

    • Optimize business processes and improve efficiency
    • Reduce the overall cost of managing documents and speed-up the process
    • Improve service to customers
    • Achieve document integrity and enable collaboration
    • Provide a robust and scalable document-handling environment
    • Mitigate Risk of misplacing documents
    • Adherence to compliances

    Now, why would you not want all these benefits to flow to your organization?

  • Who uses InfoDocs™

    Think of any function, or department, that finds itself drowning in physical documents

    • Ideal for Banks, Mailrooms, Back Offices

    • Works well for PSU’s and Government offices

    • In use at Hospitals, Clinics, Pharma companies

    • Serves manufacturing and customer service industries

  • Key Highlights of InfoDocs™

    • A centralized/ distributed repository to store all the Physical/ Electronic Documents as digital content, allowing for quick and efficient access to information

    • Powerful, Full-Text search tool works on Images enabling quick retrieval of documents and pages in a document, based on the search criteria

    • Document Imaging to capture digital content and allowing indexing of the documents so that this content can be retrieved while searching.

    • Improve serviceability to internal staff and external contacts through improved handling of documents and information by implementing automation to manage workflow business processes.

    • Security/ granular permission-based model for multiple users and administrators to control access to folders and documents

    • Image enable Enterprise Applications (Automate Business Processes for HR, Legal and Finance departments)

    • Document versions allowing users and other management staff to retrieve previous iterations and to continue work from a selected point

    • Comprehensive reports for monitoring

    • Extensive audit reports and Audit Trails, Security, and Authentication. A range of security options supported, including LDAP and Active Directory, with HTTPS / SSL encryption.

    • Bulk upload facility to create batch of documents to upload in a defined structure

    • Capability to OCR documents to enable Full-Text Search

    • Add Annotations to document, Sticky Notes addition, Document Highlighting, Coloring and Marking ability

    • Facility to add digital signatures and watermarks for business documents

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