Workflow Automation Software - InfoFlow™

Automate your business workflow software. Optimize your business process.

Traditional manual business processes in your organization could lead to inefficiencies and incur huge costs.

Workflow systems allow your organization to build processes which rigorously stick to their defined Turn-Around-Time (TAT). It has inbuilt checks for quick response to any process deviations. What's more, it simplifies the overall functioning of any business process and configures it optimally.

The result is that you do away with the manual process and checklists and introduce smart automation into your system.


Think of it as a smart tool that helps you bring transparency and create dependable business processes. It manages your process flows from end-to-end

InfoFlow™ workflow automation software solution leads the way for increasing productivity and digital transformation. It manages your process flows in its complete lifecycle thus ensuring end-to-end process governance. It is configurable using rules, checklist, and validations and has image-based and form-based data-entry features.

What’s more, InfoFlow™ is a proven system, refined by market testing, and honed by customer inputs, over many years.

You can start with InfoFlow™ immediately and get down to automating your processes. That’s one major time saver and opportunity maker for your business.

InfoFlow™ analytics assist stakeholders to bring operational excellence to routine processes as well as industry-specific processes to enhance business volumes, reduce operational costs and improve profitability.


Key Enablers

  • Define your process flow using stages

  • Configure your own business rules, validation & build analytics

  • Define escalation matrix and alerts

  • Manage both business data and document images

  • Seamlessly integrate with any third party application using web services

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