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Learn more about the comprehensive solutions for IVF clinics from Writer Information.

Writer Information is a leading developer of a comprehensive IVF platform for reproductive analysis and treatment.

It allows medical professionals and experts to manage their fertility clinics with ease while ensuring optimal use of their resources.

Patient management, diagnostics, and therapy are simplified with our solution which takes care of the individual requirements of IVF clinics.

For doctors and clinicians, Writer Information’s IVF Software provides the best platform for managing their Surrogacy Clinics, Gamete Bank, IVF and Fertility Clinics.


Writer Information’s – Fertility Clinic Software facilitates records management with complete details of infertility treatment along with the examinations, procedures, and treatments.

It is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

It is designed and developed as IVF Software to deliver palpable benefits to Infertility clinics.

Our Fertility Clinic Software enables streamlined operations. Enhances your administration and control, provides superior patient care, reduces operational costs, and improves profitability.

It is an integrated end-to-end management system that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision-making for patient care and seamless hospital administration.

  • Key features

    • Patient onboarding and management

    • Treatment/ Therapy planning, monitoring, and tracking

    • Patient e-records platform

    • Donor and Surrogate Registration

    • Fertility Analysis and Treatment Management

    • Consent Management

    • Embryo Freezing, Cryo Bank, and Record Tracking

    • Sperm Analysis - Sperm Freezing, Sperm Thawing

    • Fertility Preservation Management, Tracking, and Reporting

    • Flexible Reports with Statistical Analysis

    • Multi-branch facility

    • Secured and encrypted data

    • Surrogacy Management

    • ART compliance as per Regulatory Authorities

    • Pre-defined and customizable MIS and Dashboards

    • Modular architecture

    • Auto-checks and maker-checker concepts incorporated

  • Key benefits

    • Lowered costs and less paperwork with superior patient care

    • Dashboards and comprehensive MIS reporting Individual identification and tracking of each egg cell and sperm sample.

    • Comprehensive patient search with Patient Visit Tracker

    • Effective financial performance monitoring

    • Electronic Medical Records with user defined clinical history of patients

    • Effective patient feedback reporting, recording trend analysis

    • Built in user-based, integrated Dynamic Report Generator with multisite reporting ability

    • Summarized collection/ patient statistic reports/ doctor-wise reports/ business reports

    • Powerful administrative module with security, user rights assignment, and Audit Trail

  • Key Modules

    For Fertility Clinics

    For Gamete Bank

    For Surrogacy Clinics

    Front Desk Egg Donor Intended Parents
    1. New Patient Registration Donor Registration , IP Registration
    2. Scheduling OPD Appointment 1. Personal Details 1. IP Registration
    3. Medical & Reproductive History 2. Medical History 2. SM Requisite
    4. Medication for Nursing 3. Documents 3. Nominee Details
    5. Patient Package Tracking 4. Investigation 4. Documents
    Doctor DashBoard Recipient Registration 5. Legal Documents
    6. Male & Female Medical History 5. Recipient Details ,/ Donor Requirements 6. IP Closure
    7. Recommended Investigation 6. Medical History 7. IP Login Details
    Embryology 7. Investigation Investigation
    8. Self & Donor Ovum Pick Up Details 8. Clinic Registration 8. Recommended Investigation
    9. Oocytes Details Inventory IP SM
    10. Insemination Details 9. Recipient Donor Management 9. IP-SM Selection
    11. Prescription Before and After Post OPU Finance 10. IP-SM Management
    12. Embryo Development Details 10. Donor Payment 11. Surrogate Delivery
    13. Embryo Transfer Details ,/ Embryo Freezing Details 11. Recipient Payment Finance
    14. Embryo Thawing Details Sperm Donor 12. IP Payment
    15. Patient Anaesthesia Details Donor Registration 13. IP Payment Reminder
    Andrology 12. Personal Details For Surrogate Mother
    16. Semen Details and Count 13. Medical History SM Registration
    17. Sperm Freezing Details 14. Document 14. SM Registration
    18. Sperm Thawing Details 15. Investigation 15. Medical History
    19. PCT Test Details and PCT History Recipient Registration 16. SM Documents
    20. IVF/ICSI Report 16. Recipient Details 17. Legal Documents
    21. ICI Report And History 17. Donor Requirements 18. Pre-schedule Payment
    22. Clinical Analysis Details 18. Medical History 19. Blocking
    Investigation 19. Investigation SM Screening
    Male Investigation: 20. Clinic Registration 20. Test Scheduler
    23. Blood Analysis Inventory 21. Pre Screening Test Confirmation
    24. Semen Analysis Investigation 21. Recipient Donor Management 22. Nurse Investigation
    Female Investigation Finance SM IP ,
    25. Examination Result 22. Donor Payment , 23. IP-SM Selection
    26. Investigation 23. Recipient Payment 24. IP-SM Management
    27. Ultrasound 25. Delivery Records
    28. Hysterosalpingography SM Payment
    29. Hystroscopy 26. SM Pre-schedule
    30. Biopsy 27. SM Payment
    31. Endocrinology 28. SM Payment Details
    32. Laparoscopy
    33. Genetic Study
    In Patient Dept (IPD)
    34. IPD Patient Admission
    35. Patient Discharge Card & Bill
    36. Generate Purchase Order
    37. Medicine Ppurchase
    38. Medicine Sales
    39. Before 3 Months Re-Order Level Alerts
    40. Media Stock Management
    41. OPD Consultation Bills
    42. OPD Package Collection Bills
    43. Doctor Professional Vouchers
    44. MIS Reports
    45. Hospital Business Statistics Report

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