Aiding insurers of the world to revolutionise their services, for suitably competing in a digital universe.

Be it underwriting, claims processes or finance transformation, the leading insurance players globally trust us for the best transformative solutions.

Today’s customer is inquisitive, knowledgeable and keen to make informed choices. In such a scenario, we help relook on experiences, for improved and sustainable customer acquisition procedures, which offer the best rates along with impressive risk management processes.

Our solutions have been designed to create scalable processes that are not only flexible but also embed with workflow automation, enabling our clients in faster and smarter executions. Our specific AI-based business platform modules help our customers solve their most trying underwriting as well as claims challenges.

We offer our solutions across three broad touchpoints:

  • Buying a policy
  • It’s Servicing
  • Claims Processing

For a frictionless user experience and improved operational proficiency, we at Writer Information help our customers leverage the best of technical processes like:

  • Robotics Process Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence

We believe in delivering on-demand insurance solutions of the future as we create meaningful synergies through the right value generation and alliance. Global insurers use our processes to:

  • Unveil improved insurance products
  • Boost the quality of underwriting
  • Curtail unnecessary delays in claims
  • Bring down regulatory risks
  • Curtail fraud
  • Surge agent loyalty
  • Lower expenses

Our advanced technologies aid insurers understand, seize, capture and then process data much faster, leading to greater accuracy and higher productivity. Our Robotics enabled processes help to automate repetitive procedures and detect as well as prevent fraud.

Explore efficient ways to drive your business efficiency up.

  • Managed Storage Services
  • Infotech Solutions
  • Business Process Services
  • Cloud Services

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