Capture new markets. Leverage revenue generating opportunities.

Streamline your services.

Today’s service providers face radical changes in their business environment.

While you work to create leaner operations, you'll know that the mechanics of doing business has changed over the years.

What you need is a transformation of the business model itself.


The telecom sector has grown quickly. This creates the need for a supporting ecosystem.

Writer Information has been a proud partner to telecom companies. We help you with tailor-made solutions to match your needs at high-quality and scale.


Innovative Information Management Solutions for the Telecom Industry

Our offerings for telecom include:

  1. Business Process Services

    • Customer On-Boarding Services
    • Mandate management services
    • HR Lifecycle management services
  2. Secured Storage Services

    • Records Management Services
    • Secure Vault services
    • Tapes management services
  3. Cloud and Data Centre services

  4. Digital Solutions

    • Enterprise Content Management solutions

Explore efficient ways to drive your business efficiency up.

  • Managed Storage Services
  • Infotech Solutions
  • Business Process Services
  • Cloud Services

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