Assisted Sales Services

Empower your business with an offering that’s designed just for you.

When it comes to gaining competitive advantage in business by boosting the sales figures, trust Writer Information with its Assisted Sales Competency Service.

From lead generation to loan closure, this single stop end-to-end service gives you an unparalleled advantage, be it Business Process Management, Digital Solutions or Storage.

Many times, the majority of management team bestows more time in sundry services instead of dedicating precious hours on product innovation. Any company should use its respective skill- forces to drive in results for the organisation, instead of focussing on non-core activities. To solve this dichotomy of core and none core activities, Writer Information has designed “Power2GRO” an integrated service offering, specially keeping in mind the Financial Services Industry.

“Power2GRO” helps you to –

  • Increase your business growth
  • Reduce costs upfront
  • Improve TAT
  • Infinite customer delight

“Power2GRO” offers end-to-end offerings covering entire span of Financial Services lead. It’s a combined package of Process Management-Cloud Hosting-Secured Storage software. It’s a successful process generating outcome that exceeds the normal standards, using people and technology.

This competency empowers you through:

  • Seamless end-to-end process
  • High power client centric tech solution
  • Secured tier 4 hosted solution
  • 500+ city geographical coverage
  • An experienced team of qualified and trained members
  • 24X7 end-customer support
  • What are the solution components of “Power2GRO”?

    • Assisted Sales Setup
    • 2000+trained executives in a 3-tier organisation set-up
    • Sales Control Centre
    • Real time lead conversion management
    • Contact Centre
    • IVRS and human interfaced 24/7 customer servicing centre
    • Business Processing Centre (BPO)
    • State-of-the art processing centre for underwriting support
    • Records Management Facility
    • Physical document storage information management policy
    • Managed IT Landscape
    • Application management services in-house tier-4 DC and round-the-clock support
  • How does this process function in individual stages?

    • Assisted Sales – From Lead Sourcing to Conversions using trained field executives
    • Pre-Sanction Formalities – KYC closure
    • Risk assessment & Credit Underwriting Support
    • Post Sanction Documentation
    • Client Servicing
    • Credit Monitoring & Collections
    • Hosting Services
    • Secured Storage for your client records
  • How “Power2GRO” helps you grow exponentially?

    • Multi-Modal Technology
    • State-of-the-art, extensible, scalable multi-factor fully automated integrated tech platform
    • Value Driven Service Delivery Model
    • Model that delivers highest outcomes and best-in-class customer delight with minimal risk and predictable outcomes
    • Geo Reach
    • Ability to reach every customer and dealer in every remote corner of India
    • Speed of Delivery
    • Fastest turnaround to maximise conversions
    • Customised Connect
    • Ability to service multitude of clientele in multiple dialects, multi-culture market
  • Salient features of Power2GRO that assures you steady growth

    Flexible Service Model Design

    • Geo Reach expansion
    • Near Total Automation
    • Continuous Time & Motion Study
    • Client Servicing Centre

    Scalable and SaaS based Technology Design

    • Software Product Agnostic
    • Standard Enterprise Architecture
    • Tier-4 Cloud hosted for highest availability & Security

    Win & ONLY WIN Commercial Model

    • Success (Conversion) based pricing model
    • Skin-in-the game approach

    Extensible Solution and Technology

    • Easy to extend the solution and service delivery model
    • 24X7 Contact center suitable for all Time zones
    • Single Instance Multiple Entity Solution

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