Customer On-Boarding Process

Onboard your new customers faster and more accurately.

Writer Information’s Customer On-Boarding services is a unique blend of state-of-art technology married with high-quality business process services.

It helps organizations to onboard their new customers faster and more accurately.

It builds trust through automated follow-ups while refurbishing the existing customer information and records.

It complies with the regulatory directives and applies the information effectively for cross-sales and other activities.


Customer On-Boarding helps Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, and Telecom companies to focus their time and energy on customers. Not on shuffling files.

The Customer Onboarding Platform is designed to seamlessly handle the flow of information right from the first meeting of the customer on the field to finally ordering various deliverables.

The challenges we address

Writer Information’s Customer On-Boarding services are designed specifically to help bankers, wealth managers, insurers, and telecom companies.

It helps you manage and visualize complete their customer onboarding workflows, data, AML, and KYC compliance routines, to enable faster customer onboarding.

It also helps in integrating all the existing customer related data as per business requirements, thus ensuring that the business systems or processes do not change.


Benefits of Customer Onboarding Process

  • Reduce Costs and Speed of Processing
    Reduce your labor-intensive and time-consuming customer onboarding process by using our advanced capture, classify, and integrate workflow technologies. Our highly trained staff ensures that the complete process is taken care within the predefined turn-around-time (TAT’s).

  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
    Process swiftly and slash time by using our services to capture critical data and documents required to validate information. Increase visibility to all stakeholders in the onboarding process.

  • Improve Competitiveness
    Our Customer Onboarding service enables organizations to easily take up new businesses while scaling up of their existing customer onboarding operations to match volume and growth.

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