Hospital Management Services

Drive process efficiency with Writer Information’s products, solutions and services for healthcare.

Patients and healthcare payers expect high-quality services from healthcare providers, today.

This poses challenges for multi-specialty hospitals, specialty clinics, and labs.

As a result, the need for enhanced, patient-centric medical services has increased. World-class patient care at optimal pricing is the norm.

Regulatory bodies also ensure that each and every service adheres to a prescribed standard with a traceable audit trail.


Drive process efficiency with Writer Information’s products, solutions, and services for healthcare

Writer Information's hospital focused services help drive breakthrough growth, increase customer engagement, improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

Our suite of Health BPO Services enables end-to-end service management employing the latest technology.

Writer Information’s BPS (Business Process Services) provides healthcare offerings that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of healthcare providers.

These services enable you to manage critical healthcare processes from billing to patient care.

Our Services include:

  • Patient Onboarding & Billing

    • Enrollment (manual and electronic)
    • Patient case paper management
    • Billing
    • Accounts Receivable
  • Care co-ordination

    • Hospital management and staff consultancy
    • Data Entry services
    • Hospital inventory management services
    • Discharge planning support and Post-discharge activity
  • Support Services

    • Analytics
    • Reporting services
    • Marketing Support
    • Purchases & stores management support.
  • Benefits for healthcare service providers

    • Grow Revenue and Expand Services
    • Increase Customer engagement
    • Improve Medical Outcomes
    • Improve Profitability
    • Enhanced efficiency
    • Decreased load on heavily burdened system
    • Minimized medical errors
    • Controlled and reduced costs
    • Unmatched quality of care
    • Reduced process time
  • Service Highlights

    • 1 million health plan members serviced annually
    • 24x7x365 service to simplify the coordination of care and flow of information among patients and physicians
    • Leveraging analytics to balance cost with quality.
    • 10 million patients on-boarded
    • 50 million medical records processed.
    • 5 million provider updates processed annually at or above 98% accuracy
    • 5 million claims transactions processed annually at or above 99% accuracy

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