Cloud Data Hosting Services

Host your website or web applications on the cloud.

Switch to hosting on the cloud hosting

Now, you can tap into the power of cloud hosting for your website, e-commerce portal, web application, or intranet.

Cloud is better than normal shared and dedicated hosting. Host your app on Writer Information’s vast network of servers. Here are 5 reasons why it’s better to host on the cloud.


5 benefits of cloud data center hosting services

  • Gain from zero down-time

    Think of your web application hosted on a virtual partition. The partition draws its resources, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers. When one server goes off, it will have no effect on the availability of your website. The virtual server will continue to pull resources from the remaining network of servers.

  • Remain assured of physical security

    The entire network of physical servers are housed within a data center. This means that the security measures for the facility are available to the entire network of computers.

  • Take advantage of scalability and flexibility

    Cloud hosting services are available to you in real-time, on-demand, and not limited to the capacity of any one server. When your site demands extra resource due to a sudden surge in traffic, or because you have implemented a new functionality, the resource is accessed from the network seamlessly.

  • Get pay as you use costing

    You pay only for what you actually use. The resource is available for spikes in demand but there is zero wasted capacity remaining unused when demand plunges.

  • Benefit from responsive load balancing

    Load balancing is software controlled by our data center hosting services. This means that it can scale and respond to changing demands of traffic and load, in an instant.

7 reasons to choose Writer Information for your Secure Cloud Storage Services


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