Infrastructure as a Service


Migrate to the Cloud, seamlessly and flawlessly

You wish to migrate your IT infrastructure to the Cloud because your company is experiencing rapid growth and has outgrown its current infrastructure.

Or perhaps youʼre convinced of all the wonderful benefits of being on the Cloud - flexibility, freedom from capital expenditure, the ability to work from anywhere for your staff, improved security, increased competitiveness, and more?


Whatever your reasons for moving to the Cloud, you need the experts to help you. You need to migrate your systems and applications, seamlessly and flawlessly.

There is danger in choosing the wrong plans or tools and that could quickly turn into a nightmare.

This would mean throwing more resources and money at the problem when you already have enough on your hands. Why would you want that?

This is where an experienced team such as Infrastructure as a Service from Writer Information can help you and your business.


What Writer Information can do for you in IaaS:

  • Assess the infrastructure you already have and tell you where and how you can save money by moving to the cloud
  • Arrange for migrating your systems as it fits your needs

These are the specific steps we follow:

  • Assess the cost and risk to you of moving your infrastructure to the cloud
  • Draw up a plan for migrating your databases and your applications to the cloud. The objective here is to minimize your costs and downtime
  • Set up storage services as per the plan
  • Test the services extensively in the new environment
  • Launch
  • Monitor and assess to ensure that everything is running as it should

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