Document Secure Destruction Services

Destroy unwanted data securely.

Your business generates huge volumes of data

Unauthorized access to this information could have significant consequences for your business. This includes damage to your brand or reputation, fines, loss of market share, and customer trust.

You cannot run the risk of improper destruction, can you?

Writer Information’s Document Storage Systems integrates an advanced search process to an easy collaborative tool.

The risk of security breaches is much more critical to your business than you can imagine. Secure document destruction terminates potential threat such as identity theft, or even facing possible lawsuit for data breach.

At Writer Information, we understand the risk that your organization faces by improper data destruction services. Furthermore, we have established strategic alliances to offer Document Management Services.


A report in 2012 by the Ponemon Institute revealed that data breaches cost businesses in the USA an average of $3.5 million per year.

Can your business really afford the costs of a poor document destruction service?

Your company requires an efficient data shredding system to dispose data at minimal cost.

The benefits of having a data shredding system are:

  • Protect important company information as well as your customersʼ confidential information.
  • Manage information that is no longer necessary to your business.
  • Comply with central, state, industry, and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

At Writer Information, we understand the risk that your organization faces by improper data destruction services. Furthermore we have established strategic alliances to offer Data Destruction services. Some of the following are the salient features of our services.

  • Industry Best Practices – 100 % Data Destruction , 0% Recover
    • We at Writer Information incorporate the best practices for destruction of secure data from any electronic media and/or computer device.
    • Our processes & equipment are world class and it ensures that it is impossible to retrieve data once the process is completed.
  • Third Party Certification
    • We not only assist organizations with a secure document destruction, but also provide third party certification of data destruction. This helps the clients in their compliances and minimizes your exposure to legal prosecution.
  • Data Destruction – On Demand
    • All you will need to do is simply call our Account/Customer Relationship Manager. Through our partner, we offer innovative first-of-its-kind “shredding-on-wheels”, facility at your doorstep to deploy data destruction.

Why should you choose Writer Information as your Secured Storage Partner?


Information Management Centres across 10 locations in India



square feet of storage space



seats of Business Processing (BPS) centres


Latest fire detection systems as well as water hydrant and gas based suppression systems


Protection systems ranging from humidity, temperature and dust control


24/7 security


CMMI 5 appraised


ISO 9001 and ISO 27001


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