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Cloud-delivered tools designed to manage your IT challenges

Cloud-delivered tools designed to manage your IT challenges

While all enterprises are wetting their feet on Cloud, few have dived in and maximised the vast opportunities that it affords. The pressures are growing in competitive markets to accelerate company-wide Cloud adoption or risk falling behind the competition. But, understanding the need to move workloads to the Cloud, and doing so successfully are two different things.

At Writer Information, we offer a comprehensive approach to Cloud trans-formation—right from advisory to build, and from migration to ongoing management—that accelerates an enterprise’s Cloud adoption.

At Writer Information, the Cloud Lifecycle Management solutions that we offer, help enterprises to build agility while completely doing away the complexity from the Cloud operations management.

We Enable the customers for a Cloud lifecycle journey

  • Advisory – IT being a business enabler. It’s very important to integrate it with your business values and vision to create organizational USP. We assess your business objectives and current IT infra and offer a cloud strategy which integrates well with your unique business requirement.
  •  TCO – We help organisations to transform IT infrastructure with lowest TCO by leveraging our advisory and technical capabilities.
  • Portfolio Assessment – In this service, we offer a strategic assessment focusing on the key elements of the enterprise architecture of the client and help them effort-lessly determine the cloud potential of their current applications.

We help Move the customers to the right Cloud

  • Multi-cloud Capabilities – For an enterprise using cloud services across multiple geographies, finding just one public cloud infrastructure provider to meet its needs is a struggle. Multicloud enables organizations to take advantage of best of breed solution and to avert vendor lock-ins. We being a vendor/cloud agnostic organisa-tion have built our capabilities around all the CSPs and enable you to have complete operational control. We support you in unify administration and monitoring of your IT systems.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Our Hybrid cloud services are powerful and comprehensive be-cause they provide businesses much greater control over their private data, which is intrinsic when it comes to running a business. An organisation can store sensitive data on a private cloud or local data centre and simultaneously leverage the robust computational resources of a managed public cloud.
  • Cloud Build and Native – Cloud-native applications from us help to deliver faster time to market, lead to higher scalability, simpler management and then a much-reduced expense structure through microservices, containerisation, automation and further to that the DevOps practices.
  • Migrations – 7R – There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for migrating applica-tions to the Cloud. We consider each application independently, based on its inter-nal architecture and its intrinsic relationship to the business. The 7Rs that we offer are Refactor; Rehost, Retire, Repurchase, Relocate, Replatform and Retain.

We delight the customer in Living in Cloud

  • Security Governance – This is a very significant service from our end. Without a proper Cloud governance framework, any business can fall prey to security risks re-garding their data, compliance issues, leading to data loss and cyber risks. With our security governance service, organisations get automatically empowered to come up with security adhered policies that will help them to construct a secure and compliant Cloud infrastructure. 
  • Financial Governance – Cloud being an elastic service it’s very important to audit unutilised resources and optimise the resources. Financial governance service from us guarantees that all unproductive and inefficient spending is inevitably wiped out while measuring the ROI of the essential expenses.
  • High uptime and Operations Automation – Automating the error-prone and time-sapping cloud management tasks can help save time considerably. This way busi-nesses can focus on higher-value tasks that significantly impact the enterprise, lead-ing to reduced operational expenses.
  • Maturity and Optimisation – Cloud Maturity and Optimisation helps an organisa-tion to chalk out a strategic plan that creates flexibility when it comes to managing priorities pertaining to the adoption levels of the Cloud and its service utilisation. 

The Cloud services that we offer are flexible, distinctive, and personalised based on the requirements and conveniences of respective organisations. And this is what helps to systematise as well as automate all your cloud operations, thereby provid-ing a vast array of services all across the private and public Cloud implementations. As our esteemed customers, you get cohesive and integrated Cloud services that helps you to get a firm grip on all your Cloud operations. Strategies and controls re-lated to automation, self-service, and compliance management add the much-needed impetus to your system.

Our cloud offerings are exclusive and personalised to cater to the requirements of various organisations. This is why we take the trouble of understanding your specific requirements, business needs and offer the type of application that would run best for your Cloud.

Our Value Differentiators

  • Single plat-form to man-age Hybrid workloads. Ease in manag-ing multi cloud

  • Customized cloud transition-ing approach for basis unique use cases

  • Secure cloud: Security and compliance as a service for industry specific compliance req

  • Avail of a scalable value-chain with onboarding, servicing, and deboarding

  • Take advantage of best-in-class delivery capabilities across India, Middle East and Africa

  • Profit from process re-engineering emphasis on customer delight, risk reduction, and optimal servicing cost

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This partnership will enable customers to access solutions that will significantly improve the ability to block modern cyberattacks with the most advanced forms of security.
Press Release

This partnership will enable customers to access solutions that will significantly improve the ability to block modern cyberattacks with the most advanced forms of security.

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Writer Information provides one-stop content services solution through its Infodocs® ECM platform suite on AWS Marketplace
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Writer Information provides one-stop content services solution through its Infodocs® ECM platform suite on AWS Marketplace

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