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INFO SCAN - Document Scanning Service


Are you still not sure about going paperless? Your business can reap a host of benefits, so why wait any longer? You can free up a lot of your facilities space by scanning your documents. Thousands of files can be scanned and stored on a server instead of taking up space in bulky boxes and endless file cabinets. InfoScan® is an advanced document scanning solution for high volume production environment. It accelerates business processes by capturing data and transforming it into an actionable business information. InfoScan® enhances organisational effectiveness by accelerating the core areas of enterprise level information capture.

It is much easier to access digital documents compared to physical documents. It can take hours to go through physical files and folders to find any document. With digital conversion of documents, employees have easy access to what they need and when they need it. Further, digital documents can be secured with backup systems and it allows businesses to not have any fear of losing any of the documents.


  • Index of documents at Barcode level & Auto Indexing.
  • Ability to define Fields as Mandatory/Optional.
  • Support all type of data types associated with document meta data.
  • Soft data import file automatically mapped with Scanned documents.
  • Side-by-side document preview and meta-data entry.
  • Multiple index (meta-data) types.
  • Allow Zooming for image base Indexing.
  • Automatically show image zoom portion when my cursor goes to text box.


  • Auto Tagging using barcode separator.
  • Support 5 level tagging.
  • Tag pages as per the Defined Category.
  • Page level / Page number wise tagging.

Business Benefits

  • Real savings.
  • Enhances information preservation and prevents loss.
  • Provides better data security.
  • Improved collaboration through document sharing.
  • Faster retrieval of documents.
  • Improved searchability.
  • Better business continuity.
  • A greener and better earth.

Key Value Differentiators

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE : 100% customisable and collaborative process flow with user-friendly applications, simple to implement and customise.

END-TO-END PROCESS FLOW : Define your process-flow using stages. Configure your own business rules, validation & build analytics.

CLOUD READY : Advanced Technology with cloud and mobile device integration, Integrated Modular System.

IMPROVED ROI : Reduce costs through decreased paperwork and analytical reporting and monitoring tools.


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