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INFO STORE - Enterprise Record Management


Many companies have traditionally been storing their physical records in their own in-house archival facilities. Often, this typically means a room full of dusty file cabinets and boxes where people shudder to go and find documents that they need. Now zoom over to the Writer way of records management, where clean well stacked boxes, neatly organized, barcode numbered, temperature/humidity-controlled environment, fireproof and secure access is ensured. 

What do organizations need for managing their records? They want their documents to be safely stored so they don’t get damaged; they want to access the documents easily and quickly as and when needed; they want full records of who and when accessed which document; they want to do all this in an optimized way with lowest cost. Writer Information provides all this and much more through our Prime Storage Services and Premium Storage Services.

Casinos use the InfoStore record management software system to manage their data, regardless of the services and games provided, whether it be roulette, slots or sa poker online . The software system allows for easy organization and retrieval of information. The system also allows for tracking of player activity and provides reports that can be used to improve the casino's operations. They use the InfoStore record management software system to manage their records and keep track of their transactions. This system is a critical part of their operation, and it helps casinos keep track of their customers and transactions. The InfoStore system is easy to use, and it has a wide range of features that make it perfect for casinos.

Now, most importantly, when we have millions of documents across multiple storage locations, how do we manage & track which document is stored where? The answer lies in our state-ofthe-art InfoStore® Records Management Software System.

As you enable your business with Writer Information’s InfoStore® software, you give business a strong booster and multiple benefits. Be it file pickup, retrieval, digitisation, refilling, or destruction, all of these processes become very convenient with our feature-rich InfoStore® software. Be it branch or hub-based document management features, you get the best of the practices that are observed in the industry. InfoStore® streamlines your corporate recordkeeping procedures and policies as it includes thorough and comprehensive audit management of records so that you can effortlessly demonstrate full compliance to regulations.

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Business Benefits

  • Safeguard important information.
  • Cut costs, save time and efforts.
  • Minimize litigation risks.
  • Better control and management of records growth.
  • Faster retrieval of documents.
  • Improved searchability.
  • Better business continuity.
  • A greener and better earth.

Key Value Differentiators

QUICK IMPLEMENTATION : Enables you to implement quickly as we have a modular structure that fits with your business needs.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE : We offer deep knowledge and expertise in multiple domain with our many decades of experience in these services and cross-industry implementation capabilities.

CLOUD READY : We offer our own cloud infrastructure that is available for applications with advanced technology and integrated modular system.

INTEGRATED PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY : You can benefit from our integrated processes along with product offerings.

ENHANCED ENGAGEMENT MODELS : We provide engagement models as per your business needs - on-premise, SaaS Model, or standalone with product support and upgrades.


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