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Hospital management software can reinvent processes leading to seamless execution of many critical decisions that impact patient care in the long run.

Hospital Management Solution becomes an indispensable factor in hospitals. From Billing, Finance, HR, to administration, it streamlines the processes of healthcare center and also enhances the quality of patient care. A cohesive system which records and retrieves information in just a few clicks.

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Hospital Information Management Software is an offering by Writer Information. This is a system automation that facilitates improved efficiencies and tackles challenges faced during patient care, and simultaneously reducing the expenses. The software can effortlessly exchange health information electronically and assists you to provide higher quality and safer care for your patients, creating tangible enhancements for your organisation.

Writer Information offers this solution which is automated, thereby enabling medical facilities to overcome most of the pressing challenges ailing the healthcare industry today by attaining operational efficiencies, adopting superior electronic medical record (EMR) technologies, delivering maximum patient care while boosting revenues with revamped services and offerings.

We offer integrated multi-facility, scalable and multi-lingual platform that can be configured to meet all the relevant communication and information needs of the operational, administrative, revenue and clinical departments of small, medium to large hospitals and networks.

Writer HIMS Solution

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Our Value Differentiators

  • Extended care with newer services to boost revenues.

  • Modular offerings that fit small healthcare enterprises to large network hospitals.

  • Compliance standards meeting global specifications while incorporating the most modern innovations.

  • High quality solutions that can be compared to the best in the market at comparatively lower investment costs.

  • User experiences that can be enhanced for better adoption and much more streamlined processes.

Our Modules

Application Highlights

User friendly application, Easy to Implement and Customise as per user requirements.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for Multispecialty & Super specialty hospitals

Cloud ready

Integrated Modular System

Supports CPT & ICD 9,10 codes

Third party integrations for Insurance Claims, Healthcare Schemes

Interface with PACS & LIS

Interface with Critical Care & Pathology Devices

Multi Location Hospital Integration

Advanced Technology with cloud and mobile device integration


Writer Diabetes Management Solutions

Writer Diabetes Management Solutions

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Writer HIMS-BI Solution

Writer HIMS-BI Solution

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Healthcare Solutions & Services

Healthcare Solutions and Services

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