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Ultra Storage Services

Storage of business/operational data on magnetic and optical media devices is the most effective method for its long-term preservation. The data on backup tapes, CDs, and DVDs can remain intact for decades if stored in the right environment. Unfortunately, most businesses are ill-equipped to facilitate media storage within their existing setups.

Writer Information is one of the largest information management companies in the world with over 2.6 Mn Sqft of storage space, 25 Secure Storage Facilities in 12 locations. Media data is stored in specially designed facilities built exclusively for storing and guarding electronic data. Ultra-Storage Services facilitate storage of backup media in state-of-the-art media centers, retrieve it on demand, and protect it using the highest standards and processes in modern physical storage


  • Disaster Recovery – Conforms to risk management and disaster recovery needs of businesses.
  • Compliant – Media Storage vaults compliant with global industry standards
  • 24x7 Availability – We ensure that your Media or tape is timely picked up, stored, secured and delivered.
  • Economical – You pay for what you store by not having to build a large or expensive vault to accommodate the storage of your Media or Tape.

Our Value Differentiators

  • Complete Disaster Recovery

  • Data Centre Relocation

  • Emergency Tape Expediting

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Tracking

  • Proof of Delivery (via phone, email, text for fax)


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Secured Storage Services

Secured Storage Services

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