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What is a Workflow?

It is simply a process of how you get work done in your organisation. It is also a system that makes your process more efficient. And it enables collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page.

What is Workflow Management?

It is about conceptualizing, implementing and tracking the processes through efficient workflows. InfoFlow® is a home for all your workflows. It can be used to keep track of all your organisation’s work.

What is InfoFlow®?

InfoFlow® is a software application designed for setting up and tracking a defined set of tasks along with its series. This software is configurable, and makes use of rules, validations, and checklist, and has image-based and form-based data-entry features. Along with managing complete process flows it also looks after its end-to-end process governance. It enables users in participating and automating processes, as well as in defining one-of-a-kind workflows for one of- a-kind styles of procedures and applications. InfoFlow® makes use of a workflow engine, which helps in growing and modifying the distinct obligations within the system.

Best Practices for Effective Workflow Management

  • Customize the workflows to fit your organisation’s needs
  • Keep your workflow simple
  • Define responsibilities and expectations at the start
  • Make real-time adjustments
  • Streamline the things that you have to do on a regular basis

InfoFlow® Business Benefits

  • Enhancing process performance
  • Parallel and real-time processing
  • Ensure compliance to organisational guidelines
  • Keep all team members aware with reminders and alerts
  • Faster decision making through approval workflow available 24x7
  • Accelerated project execution by doing right tasks at the right time
  • Reduces paperwork and associated expenses and waste
  • Improve customer support consistently
  • Improve predictability in consumer response levels

Real-life Use Cases in Organisations

  • A unified, personalised request experience for employees
  • Track request status (finished, pending, or in-development, and so forth) in actual-time.
  • Identify overall performance tendencies (group and individual) over the years.
  • Reduce license overhead for company systems (ERP and CRM)
  • Monitor group progress against Service Level Agreements
  • Reduce the need for 'manual decision-making'

Key Value Differentiators

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY : InfoFlow® makes the teams more efficient by automating routine work, and helping them take quick actions through seamless communication.

STREAMLINE MANAGEMENT : InfoFlow® ensures that everyone knows the plans, the status and where the gaps and loopholes are, thereby giving greater clarity for decision making.

IMPROVE VISIBILITY : InfoFlow® improves accountability since everyone knows who needs to do what at what time, ensuring everyone is aligned on getting things done faster and better.

SIMPLE TO CONFIGURE : InfoFlow® defines your process flow using stages and allows you to define escalation matrix/alerts and lets you configure your own business rules, validation & build analytics.

EASY TO ADOPT : InfoFlow® is easy to implement and easy to learn while providing the right kind of flexibility to meet team’s preferences and expectations.

MANAGE DATA & IMAGES : InfoFlow® managed your data as well as images with easy to use interfaces and search features.

DEDICATED SUPPORT : Writer Information team is always there to help you when you have a simple question of how to use the system or to help design your business workflows.

ERROR-FREE REPORTING : InfoFlow® provides you transparent visibility into your work so you can quickly identify the risks and keep your work on track.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION : Writer Information team can help you build custom integration with your enterprise systems & third-party applications using web services, as per your specific requirements.

STRONG SECURITY : InfoFlow® provides latest security features and governance to prevent unauthorised access to your data with effective controls.

ANYTIME ANYWHERE ACCESS : InfoFlow® uses latest technologies with easy to use front-end systems that allows access from anywhere and anytime.


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