It’s time to optimise your business processes

If you are still making use of age-old manual business processes, you could actually be leading your organisation to inefficiencies and that could lead to incurring immense expenses for your company.

Workflow systems permit your enterprise to come up with processes, which rigorously stick on to their defined Turn-Around-Time (TAT). There are also inbuilt checks that are useful when it comes to responding to any process deviations. What's more, it simplifies the overall functioning of any business process and configures it optimally.

So, a manual process can be done with the introduction of smart automation into your system.

This tool is not only smart but efficient as well and helps to bring in transparency and creates business processes that are dependable and time-efficient. And not only that, it manages your process flows end-to-end.

InfoFlow® - This workflow automation software plays a pivotal role in leading the way when it comes to increasing productivity and digital transformation. Along with managing complete process flows it also looks after its end-to-end process governance. This software is configurable, and makes use of rules, validations, and checklist, and has image-based and form-based data-entry features.

InfoFlow® is a software application designed for setting up and tracking a defined set of tasks along with its series.

It enables users in participating and automating processes, as well as in defining one-of-a-kind workflows for one-of-a-kind styles of procedures and applications. InfoFlow makes use of a workflow engine, which helps in growing and modifying the distinct obligations within the system. It also uses the essential IT and human sources based totally on the functionality and time, as well as taking care of scheduling the distinctive activity involved in one-of-a-kind techniques.

It’s based on commercial enterprise techniques, which might assist in reducing the resources involved in the process and reduces the time needed for moving pending work between tasks and permits for chronic tracking and notification.

It substantially reduces the costs related to documentation concerning the paper and manual interventions and also allows commercial enterprise strategies to hold without predominant changes inside the software.

It brings in non-stop enterprise improvements; streamlining and simplification of business procedures can be effortlessly tackled because it manages the procedures. This software helps improve customer support consistently and lets greater predictability in consumer response levels. It also allows more flexibility to satisfy commercial enterprise wishes, as well as presenting support for runtime features, built-time capabilities and runtime interaction functions.

Streamlining and accelerating internal strategies via reducing manual access and request handling are now possible with the software. Also reduce the chances of errors and re-works along with risks of improperly accredited requests, contracts, hires, and so on. Improve compliance with audit trails and increase output and boom productiveness with this software.

A unified, personalised request experience for employees. Track request status (finished, pending, or in-development, and so forth) in actual-time. Identify overall performance tendencies (group and individual) over the years. Reduced licence overhead for company systems (ERP and CRM.)

From monitoring group progress against Service Level Agreements, it is useful in identifying and taking away procedure barriers or bottlenecks. Now align tasks better with the required skill-sets and assign responsibilities to the maximum staff members. This software drastically reduces paperwork and associated expenses and waste.

When it comes to bringing down the need for 'manual decision-making' and managing business rules, this software is extremely useful.


  • identifying redundancies
  • enhancing process performance
  • switching from single to parallel processing of obligations
  • eliminating circumvention of organisational enterprise guidelines
  • providing members with reminders and alerts
  • allowing entry to approve and display requests and responsibilities, 24/7

Our Value Differentiators

  • Define your process flow using stages.

  • Configure your own business rules, validation & build analytics.

  • Define escalation matrix and alerts.

  • Manage both business data and document images.

  • Seamlessly integrate with any third party application using web services.


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