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The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation, primarily because of the new tech processes and the increasing health services requirements from not only the aging diaspora but also the entire spectrum overall. The newer trends in the healthcare value chain globally, are primarily a reflection of the advanced processes and prompt business models that are the need of the hour. Today healthcare providers are opting for innovative avenues, be it telemedicine or electronic records and more – a far cry from the days of age-old service deliverance.

Moreover, today’s population is more aware, and involved in the healthcare processes, the avenues to seek data can be accessed much easily than before. The compliance processes are transforming as well because of specific requirements concerning privacy norms of patients, their safety measures, the treatment that is meted out to them and also the payment processes.

Our knowledge on the healthcare sector and our expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) enable us to partner with leading healthcare firms in a bid to help them make the most of the latest offerings in digitisation and thereby boost their market share like never before.

We help them to:

  • Allocate funds properly
  • Offer the best in customer
  • Boost process efficiency
  • Outpace the business obstacles

Our Value Differentiators

  • Patient Engagement
    Successfully engaging 17306 patients per month

  • Patient Registration
    6316 patients registered on
    our HMIS per month across India

  • Blockchain
    Patient portal developed to engage over 10000 patients and counting

  • IVF
    531 procedures & 342 Cycles are completed on our application on monthly basis


Writer IVF Solution

Writer IVF Solution

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Writer HIMS-BI Solution

Writer HIMS-BI Solution

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Writer Information Business Process Services

Writer Information Business Process Services

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