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Media Storage Services

Overview: Media Storage Service

It is a common understanding that your information burgeons, as and when your assets grow. Your company manages a wide variety of media from tapes, videos, CDs, and audiovisual content. You have invested in this media and it has grown over time.

And, then it’s natural for you to incur significant operational costs for the storage of these media.

These are precious intellectual assets that need protection.

It’s not just enough to store them. You might have to search for them when there’s a need and also retrieve them when required.

This is why you need a reliable archival, storage and retrieval service – you need Writer Information's Secured Media & Tape Vault Storage services.

Writer Information helps store your media, retrieve it on demand, and protect it using the highest standards and processes in modern physical storage. By moving your tapes in facilities with proven resources, technology, chain-of-custody, experience and expertise focused on protecting your valuable data, you can considerably reduce downtime and run your business smoothly – because the records that we store securely for you are crucial for your business.

Offering you smart options to meet your varied business needs.

Our Value Differentiators

  • Complete Disaster Recovery

  • Data Centre Relocation

  • Emergency Tape Expediting

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Tracking

  • Proof of Delivery (via phone, email, text for fax)


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Media Vaulting, Tape Data Storage and Rotation

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Secured Storage Services

Secured Storage Services

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