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Every decade brings big changes to the HR industry. In the last few years there are big drivers for change like - the growth of the gig economy, advent of new technology like artificial intelligence and increased awareness of benefits of diversity. The global pandemic has altered the reality of billions of workers and redefined where and how work gets done.

Software and tools to manage the most important capital investment that companies make – which is the Human Capital, has to keep track with the changing world. eCube HRM software helps you maximize every amount you invest in your employees.

A KPMG report found that CEOs view talent risk as the top threat to growth. “Building skills and critical competencies” is the top priority for 68% of HR leaders, according to Gartner. Deloitte data found that more than half of respondents indicated that anywhere from 50%-100% of employees will need to change their skills over the coming three years.

With all these insights, how can you focus on your most important assets – your people?

The answer lies in managing the employee lifecycle with effective tools. e-CUBE is the solution to manage HR processes right from Entry to Exit of an employee which helps HR team in:

  • Hiring, On-boarding, Developing, Engaging and Retaining highperforming talents.
  • Aligning business strategy and individual goals through various learning collaborations.
  • Empowering workforce with holistic business performance management and leadership development.

Key Business Benefits

Manage Employee Data : Tracking employee records has never been easier. Now, you can securely store and you have full control over all sensitive data of your employees data in one place. You can access this data from anywhere rather than keeping it in scattered spreadsheets and paper files everywhere.

Hire and Retain Top Talent : Onboarding new employees was never so easy. They are ready to go on day one. Advanced tools help with the engagement and retention over the entire lifecycle of employees.

Seamless Onboarding & Digital Offers : We use the right tools for offer creation, offer communication, processing & review and offer acceptance and final signing of documents - everything happens completely online.

Happy Employees : Your employees will be happier spending more time focused on their core functions and will not have to face administrative distraction in boring lengthy forms and paperwork.

Key Solution Components

Employee on-boarding is the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and the right behaviour patterns in order to become effective organisational members. It is the process of integrating a new employee into the company and its culture. Research has demonstrated that these socialisation techniques lead to positive outcomes for new employees such as higher job satisfaction, better performance, greater commitment, and reduction in occupational stress and the intent to quit. These outcomes are particularly important to an organisation looking to retain competitive talents in an increasingly mobile and globalised workforce.

The steps that are followed in this process include:

  • Paperwork of the newly hired.
  • Summarising values of the company.
  • Introduction to policies and culture.
  • Employee handbook training.
  • Necessary paperwork.
  • Facility tours.
  • Job task training.
  • Executive introductions.
  • Team introductions.

Internal Transition

e-CUBE helps organisations process the most important internal part of Employee on boarding after the acceptance of an offer by a new employee.

Pre-Employment Health Check-up : With the rise in lifestyle diseases, employers are more concerned about their employees’ health than ever before. Today’s organisations treat employees as an important asset. Employers take that extra effort to ensure that the employees remain healthy & fit. The very important purpose of Pre-Employment health checkup is to know if the concerned employees have any medical condition that is not known to the employer and in case of any emergency, the employers are not prepared to handle the same.

Background Verification : Although high talent standards are a norm with most businesses, they are often challenged by limited resources. In addition, they mostly need to move fast during recruitments. Fortunately, background checks on applicants and employees are effective ways to discover certain potential issues that might affect your business.

Document/ Contract Updates : Most employers require professional, administrative, and executive employees to sign an agreement or contract when it comes to protecting both the employer and the employee.

Key Solution Components

Seamless & Happy Separation Process : Employee Separation ensures that any employee who quits the organisation must leave in a structured and orderly manner. The process of employee separation is often taken seriously by most firms and there is certainly a dedicated department when it comes to handling all employee exits from the company. The important steps in this process are:

  • Letter of Resignation.
  • Processing of Exit Formalities.
  • Handover of Office Security.
  • Relieving Letter.

Key Value Differentiators

Process Automation : HR is usually thought of as a highly manual process department. They are used to rolling up
their sleeves and getting the job done themselves. But that is changing with process automation with role based access of information and workflows to route employee information for reviews and approvals. Automation of processes enhances the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks, and allows them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategizing.

Security & Control : Security is of great importance and concern when it comes to choosing an HRMS software. This is because the information stored is highly sensitive and confidential which needs to be handled with utmost care. Information must be guarded by passwords with varying levels of access and tracking.

Customized Solutions : Every business is unique. Our knowledgeable team conducts qualitative and quantitative assessments to uncover your unique processes. From initial engagement and design, to deployment and rollout, to training and ongoing support – we provide you a unique solution that fits your needs.


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Students Records Management

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e Cube-HR Onboarding

e Cube-HR Onboarding

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