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Be it customer onboarding, underwriting, claims processes or finance transformation, the leading insurance players globally trust us for the best transformative solutions.

Increasing competition in today's world is leading to commercialisation of the most relevant insurance products. The changing scenario of the volatile market is compelling the insurers of today to add revamped customisations in a bid to meet the multi-faceted customer expectations along with providing them a top-notch experience!

Writer Information, with its in-depth domain expertise, which has been built over three decades of catering to insurance clients, acts as a deliberate partner to insurers helping to cut down on the time-to-market and significant operational risks if and when new products are launched in varied territories. When it comes to revamping critical processes, handling expenses and the various regulatory requirements, we are the first ones to partner the insurance companies.

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Our Value Differentiators

  • Focus on
    core activities

  • Improved quality standards, accuracy above 98 - 99%

  • Reduced cost of operation by
    20 - 30%

  • Better scalability to manage spike more than 50%

  • Faster and reduced TAT by
    4050% (10 days to 5 days
    for login to disbursement)

  • > 80% Conversion assured in the very first month of our Tele-services

  • Centralised process
    with better visibility

  • Technology enabled & personalised Assisted Sales Competencies


Enterprise Strategy & Implementation Plan to Transform Insurance Space

An enterprise strategy and implementation plan to transform the insurance space

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A Smooth Claims Process, Guaranteeing Zero Defects and Improved Customer Experience

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Revamp Insurance Landscape with Artificial Intelligence

Orchestrating A Revamped Insurance Landscape with Artificial Intelligence

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Transforming the Insurance Landscape

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Partner with Information Management Company

Partnering with India's most trusted information management company

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Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Things to keep in mind

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How AI is transforming the insurance space

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RPA-Fueled Business Process Reengineering

RPA-fueled Business Process Reengineering.

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Secured Storage Services

Secured Storage Services

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Devising intelligent technology solutions and growth strategies to help data-driven businesses
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