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Cloud Managed Services

Overview: Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Computing is defined as computing based on the Internet, which allows people to access various data & applications through the same. Cloud computing consists of a large pool of systems that are connected in private or public networks that work together to provide dynamic infrastructure for storage. Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way of thinking and is being rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes, industries, & organisations all around the world. From creating new apps & services to hosting websites & blogs, etc. one can perform multifarious activities with the assistance of cloud computing.

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Cloud Managed Services Offered

Writer Information offers Cloud Services which help organisations to transform their IT environment with the best-in-class Cloud Computing Services. Our expert team delivers highly effective and reliable cloud computing services that provide businesses with a competitive edge.

Our cloud services address the key challenges of managing a hybrid IT landscape as organisations seek greater competitive edge with cloud adoption and look to leverage on the latest trends. We deliver services to effectively meet new challenges in terms of integration, managing risk, and controlling costs. By enabling cloud adoption, we help them reduce their IT resource requirements and improve productivity, in addition to lowering costs and reducing the time-to-market.

Our Value Differentiators

  • Be part of Indiaʼs #1 Tier-4 certified data center. 11000 racks, dual power connection, robust policing

  • Get the highest SLA in the Industry with 99% uptime for your business

  • Benefit from a secure ecosystem, log analysis, STIG Guidelines, and GRC

  • Gain from a carrier neutral system with all major telcos, peering with ISP/ NIXI/ Content Providers, 2 MMRs

  • Take advantage of CLOS architecture with spine and leaf model, plus Arbor-based DDoS protection

  • Advance with the worldʼs first 4-copy cloud with built-in 2-way DR


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Writer Information’s Managed Cloud Services

Writer Information’s Managed Cloud Services

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