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Healthcare needs

Paperless practice are here to stay, most dental practices are moving towards digitization, dentistry is no different. Software as a Service (SaaS) is progressively becoming the standard for all forms of dental practice management, to ensure greater productivity and efficiency. Data analytics and Automated workflows allow dental practices to maximize savings and increase profits.

Why Writers

Range of functionality such as a clinical charts, practice reports, practice overview, imaging, and online appointment booking. Multiple offices or Single office in different locations, all records can be shared between locations based on role based access control, safely and securely. The e-Services bundle provides patient portal with integrated email, online web forms, reminders, scheduling and confirmations. Billing feature is developed to simplify payments and adjustments, by provide patients with simple statements.

Our Approach

Aim is to make practice management simpler, easier and efficient by increasing profitable and reducing medical errors.

Effortless customized to match dynamic individual/multiple practices, application is also backed by an efficient supported team.

Our Solution

Charts are provided with realistic tooth modeling, color coding and effective user interface making it easier for staffs with varied skill sets.

Our application can work with a large range of dental equipment like intra-oral x-ray sensors, cameras, panoramic and cephalometric units

Application is also available as a cloud-based version were web app on desktop or mobile device can be used.

The smart scheduling feature aims at filling empty slots with due appointments and tracks outstanding invoices.

Comparative analysis of performance between team members for training and development is also available.