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Healthcare needs

Adoption of EHR is dominated by applications that are suited for traditional medicine practices. However due to market maturity traction is seen for specialty oriented products. Ophthalmologists as their peers are certain to make their practice efficient with technology. Optometry and ophthalmology present unique set of workflows since their EHR needs distinctive diagnostic procedures and these workflows cannot be served by general EHR. In the emerging specialty market of Writer ophthalmology EHR systems are among market leaders.

Why Writer

Our Ophthalmology application allows providers to record clinical details and provide prescriptions accurately. Our application has fully-customizable templates which are perfect for providers looking for intuitive ophthalmic EHR. In addition to these features, adaptive learning engine remembers provider’s specific requirements.

Our Approach

Ophthalmology practice applications are designed to help patients improve their vision and maximize productivity to improve the bottom line. Since data analysis is real time, clinical charges/ updates are posted immediately, and ensures on time payments

Our Solution

Our value is based on the ability to provide user configurable clinical templates for retina scans and surgery, digital drawings, cataracts, glaucoma, eye measurements and LASIK procedures.

Allows integration with other diagnostic tools, leading to publishing of digital images and diagnostic testing results to patient records directly.

Aggregate information that is gathered from practice management through, electronic billing, medical records is available for trend analysis and reporting