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Healthcare needs

Time is a critical variable for diagnosing and treating medical anomalies and skin conditions are no exception. Early detection of skin aliments is an influencing factor for better prognosis. Hence, it is imperative for medical professionals to access patient’s current medical history.

Constantly changing healthcare technologies have changed the way patient data is stored, collected, analyzed and shared. These trending formats are leveraging improved patient outcomes.

Why Writer

The way technology is influencing patients virtually is limitless. Nevertheless, in the field of dermatology, new technological trends are playing a crucial role in paving the way for better patient outcomes. Our applications are more accessible and cost effective.

Limitations that are associated with traditional applications for instance, connectivity, space and time are streamlined with our cloud-based offerings.

Our applications enhances documentation and analysis of dermatology data in real-time, this feature has an evident impact on prioritization and diagnosis of patient conditions.

Our Approach

Accessible, flexible, engaging and patient-centric workflows support care providers at every step to optimize care outcomes. Centralized application provides greater levels of efficiency in patient case documentation and helps physicians to build a stronger rapport with their patients. This also intensifies understanding of patient’s case, leading to deeper insights for proactive care.

Our Solution

A centralized reporting hub is provided by our application dashboards were overseeing of multiple clinics can be done. This feature helps in visualization and analysis of practice management data and performance evaluation.

Dermatology applications are powered with built in algorithms to process a repository of labelled images of skin lesions. Dermatologists can upload patient’s skin image and the algorithm would identify visually similar images. By doing so, the algorithm’s efficient clinical decision support tool provides dermatologist with intuitive educational resource for evidence-based diagnoses.