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Embarking on the journey of implementing our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a significant step towards enhancing your business operations. Let's simplify the process into six easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a seamless transition to a more efficient business model.

Discovery & Planning:

Begin by exploring our tailored ERP solutions that align with your business needs. Assemble a dedicated team to define what you envision for your ERP. This phase lays the groundwork for a successful project, allowing you to understand current challenges and chart a clear course forward.


Once you've identified your needs, it's time to design your customised ERP system. Collaborate closely with the end-users who will interact with the system daily to craft streamlined workflows. Think of this phase as creating a blueprint for your unique ERP solution.


With the design in place, our experts will initiate the development phase, configuring the software to fit seamlessly with your requirements. We'll customise where necessary and integrate the ERP with your existing tools. Simultaneously, we'll prepare straightforward training materials for your team, ensuring a smooth transition. Data migration is handled with precision and care.


Prior to the official launch, our team will conduct rigorous testing to ensure every aspect of the system performs optimally. We encourage active involvement from your team in the testing phase and provide them with user-friendly training materials. This phase serves as a rehearsal, guaranteeing a flawless debut for your ERP system.


The eagerly awaited deployment phase marks the moment your customised ERP system goes live. While minor hiccups are anticipated, our dedicated support team will be readily available to assist users and address any challenges. You have the flexibility to release all features at once or prioritise the most crucial ones. Some businesses choose to run the old system alongside the new one initially for added security.

Support & Updates:

Post-deployment, our focus shifts to ensuring ongoing smooth operation. We value user feedback and promptly make any necessary adjustments. Additional support and training are provided as needed. For on-premises installations, periodic software updates are facilitated, while our cloud-based ERP system users benefit from automatic updates.


By simplifying your ERP implementation into these six key steps—Discovery & Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Support & Updates—we aim to provide a hassle-free experience. Writer Information’s goal is to empower your business, making it more efficient and productive through a seamlessly executed ERP system.

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