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In today’s competitive world, the customer is the most important asset to an organisation and it is pertinent to retain customers for sustainable growth. And this makes effective customer communication the key element when it comes to retaining existing customers and attracting the new ones. The communication, which is presented, is expected to be highly personalised, one-on-one and over the preferred delivery channel.

The immediate benefits include:

Digitising processes

Digitisation is instrumental to transform the processes that were manual or paper-based so far. The enterprise content management solutions are so effective that they minimise chances of errors that were common through manual transactions.

Boosting process visibility

Thanks to digitisation, now there’s increased transparency across all levels in the organisation. The dashboards that empower the enterprise can gain insights into how work progresses, enabling greater visibility and optimising the process performance.

Improved customer experience

When the processes are transparent and there is a lot more clarity every step of the way, it is quite expected that customer experience will be better than before. And, our business process management solutions talk of just that.

Writer Information’s  Business Process Management and  Enterprise Content Management Solutions help businesses in transitioning to new generation customer communication while driving down costs.

The solutions provided include:

  • A highly interactive and personalised communication with designer tool
  • Static, variable and marketing content with corresponding business rules
  • Data consolidation from multiple disparate systems
  • Integration with the best of breed BPM and ECM platform providing:
  • Comprehensive audit trail of activities from creation to archival
  • Single platform for multi-channel delivery – print, email, web and mobile
  • Batch printing and secure electronic correspondence
  • Delivery tracking across all channels
  • Analytics for usage of different communication modes and viewership of marketing messages

The solutions are effective to bring about a transformational revamp wherever they’re applied through:

Consolidation of Transactional Information
 - Improved customer experience by having a singular view of every customer engagement


Customer Centric Inline Advertisement
- Utilise prime paper space for personalized inline advertisements
- Rule-based profiling and segmenting of customers

Cost Savings
- Consolidated output saves paper, printing and postage
- Avoid wasteful and unread inserts
- Reduced manpower for the entire process

Improved Presentation
- Communicate in customers preferred language
- Adherence to corporate branding guidelines
- Graphical analytic representation for taking an informed decision

Electronic and Multichannel Delivery
- Quicker delivery of all the correspondences either through email and mobile
- Tracking of bounced, undelivered, incorrect statements
- Personalised messages over HTML body or attached pdf

Better Compliance
- Repository for real-time retrieval of documents used in transactions
- Service duplicate statement requests effectively
- Workflows for multi-level approvals
- Content and design consistency
- Anytime audit

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  • Date: 13-12-2019