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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives and businesses on an unprecedented scale. As the pandemic wreaked havoc across the world, governments and businesses had to enforce lockdowns and encourage social distancing to flatten the infection rate. The lockdown fundamentally altered the way business continued their operations. Companies have accelerated programs that enable employees to work from home. However, these initiatives have given rise to multiple challenges on the hardware and the connectivity front. Organizations are faced with a unique challenge of enabling access to critical applications for their employees scattered across various locations as well as ensure scalability and robustness of the infrastructure in the changing dynamics of work.

One of the sectors that have emerged stronger from this event is the cloud computing industry. As a greater percentage of employees are required to work from home due to social distancing, cloud computing platforms are witnessing an increasing adoption. The benefits of adopting cloud computing platforms were already established. The current exigency acted as a catalyst to force organizations in adopting and leveraging the capabilities of cloud technologies and data center services. Leveraging Cloud technologies and Datacenter services have enabled companies to embark on their digital transformation journeys, manage their IT infrastructure, and configure computing needs on the go.

Writer Information empowers corporations to accelerate their transformational journeys by offering complete cloud services across domains, which are delivered through industrialized solutions. Our approach enables private, multi-cloud, and public clouds, with capabilities to deliver any application on any device and on any cloud.

Our managed cloud services bring together the power of a cloud platform to optimize business processes with a laser-sharp focus on generating positive ROI. Our suite of cloud computing services and data center operations provides the necessary flexibility, scalability, and security to support the organizational initiatives of process optimization, better business efficiencies, and increased customer satisfaction. Our teams have mitigated challenges of managing the hybrid IT landscape for multiple companies and offer integration, risk management, and other customized services to manage the existing IT infrastructure, drive productivity and control costs.

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  • Date: 09-05-2020