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Information management is an area of extreme priority for any organization. Data is the new oil! Data records have always been a prime source of information for any organization. Without it, no modern organization would be able to function. Records have legal, economic, financial, and business values. Business productivity gets a huge boost if the right data is available at the right time with the right set of people.

However, many organizations encounter a lot of issues in managing physical records. Due to the lack of effective procedures of records management, companies tend to keep some records for too long and spend more money on document storage. Simultaneously, they also waste time looking for misplaced information, are unable to comply with the record management regulations, and ultimately fail in their endeavors to protect critical information. 

Paperless Organisation: The new normal

A paperless office is a work environment wherein the use of paper is greatly reduced or totally eliminated. This is achieved by mass conversion of documents and other paper-based data into a digital format, through a process known as digitization. Digitization is now a key characteristic of a smart business enterprise. As the entire world of business is now connected via the internet, information is increasingly available in a variety of digital formats. Digitization of the existing physical records is absolutely necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the digital business landscape.

Document Digitization and ECM - Shared Objectives

Over 75% of valuable business information is stored in silos in an unstructured manner. Digitization helps organizations uncover all that information in multiple digital formats and mine that information for actionable insights. These insights help drive business processes, content management.  They help replace inefficient manual and physical records based operations with completely automated data and document flow. This improves service quality, employee productivity, and ensures better regulatory compliance.

Writer Information, through its digitization services, helps companies across the world go paperless. Our digitization services convert your physical records into digital formats. Digitization helps to conserve documents for a lifetime. Any type of data can be easily digitized and converted into any required format that can be transferred over any media.

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  • Date: 31-05-2020