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We think that our largest customers worked with us because of the cost savings we offered and our knowledge about best practices. It turned out that was mostly wrong- reducing their time and risk to get new services to market was the most important. It’s not that the other things weren’t important, but they weren’t the top Value Proposition. That made a difference on how we sold the product and how we focused on operationalizing it for customers.

Key Value Propositions

  • Growth Driver - Revenue enhancing and new business channels enablement
  • Financial Driver - Cost take out and cloud Economics
  • Efficiency Driver - Productivity Enhancer

There are three stages in a lifecycle journey to Cloud. This is a holistic approach to transform, drive innovation and efficiency.

  • Enable: We Enable the customers for a Cloud lifecycle journey
  • Move: We help Move the customers to the right Cloud
  • Live: We delight the customer in Living in Cloud

Long-term strategy should be to move almost all IT Application & assets eventually to the hybrid and multi-cloud.

Recent study by Microsoft of 510 Cloud professionals –

Companies that use cloud technologies were more likely to report increases in revenue over the past 12 months, with 83% of those who operate in both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments reporting revenue growth compared to just 58% of non-hybrid and non-multi-cloud users.

Nearly all survey respondents agreed they need to be able to adopt cloud in some areas of business while retaining other business information on premises, primarily for regulatory reasons. Nearly nine in 10 say they will increase spending on hybrid or multi-cloud in the next three years.

Multi cloud adoption is increasing among customers, reasons are many - Risk Mitigation, Optimized ROI, Redundancy (BCP/DR), Portability, Reduced provider lock-in etc.

Operational Drivers

  • Increased Security, Agility, Scalability with variability of costs
  • Reduced TCO
  • High level of Intelligent Automation (AI/ML) and self-service

The journey to the cloud for different applications and asset classes:

  • Business Applications should move to SaaS. It is also expected that many of the client applications (PC applications) will be delivered as SaaS(WVD/VDI).
  • Generic services will move to PaaS. Generic services (e.g. Security, Integration, ML, IoT, service management solutions) will be delivered from PaaS solutions.
  • Traditional infrastructure will move to IaaS. Traditional infrastructure (compute, storage, networking) will move to IaaS.

Characteristics that are important:

  • Keep it Simple
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Top quartile TCO
  • Fit for the purpose - Solutions and Services
  • Strong focus on Automation, Self-service and Self-support
  • Modern concepts like AI, self-healing, self-service are implemented
  • Zero-trust Logic based security

Ajay Soni: Head – Cloud and Data Services

Ajay Soni

Ajay Soni is an Industry Veteran with 30+ years of experience in the IT Services Industry. He is BU head of Cloud and Data services in Writer Information. An astute professional with a successful track record of spearheading multiple Practices and leading high-performance Teams. Over the last three decades he has worked with many global customers around the world in multiple industries segments. He has rich and diverse experience in Global IT Infrastructure Management, Cloud Lifecycle Management and Cyber Security. He is tracking multiple emerging technologies in Networking, Cloud and Cyber Security.

  • Category: Cloud
  • Date: 14-03-2022