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Healthcare needs

Gynaecologists have the most tedious and stressful job, attending to patients, creating treatment plans and prescribing medicines. Gynaecology practice management application is an effective tool to manage Gynaecologist’s workflows by saving time & cutting costs. This application is convenient and help manage best of both (administrative operations and manage clinical).

Why Writers

We understand timely completing patient records and detailed documentation of clinical notes are imperative to the success of a practice. Our application is built to take care of these tasks efficiently, so your time and effort is spend on clinical evaluations and treatment planning for patients.

Our preloaded templates and mature feature list allows you to spend more time with patients and less on paperwork. Powerful user interface, allows clinic staff to manage robust features such as specialty-specific templates, auto check-in kiosks, patient progress reports and digital images.

Our Approach

MS Obstetrics/Gynaecology management solution is a comprehensive application for single/ multiple clinic setups. Advanced module features, helps in addressing complex women’s reproductive health. Health care ranging from chronic to acute clinical conditions and preventative care to pregnancies.

Our Solution

Provide widespread women's healthcare for patients across all age groups from labor and delivery. Instant access and comprehensive linear view of patient's healthcare records Gestational age assignment is done electronically, which provides summary of LMP dates , ultrasound estimates and clinical exam. Eliminates manual re-files and chart pulls, also patient information is accurately and quickly communicated across all stake holders. Provide a structured approach to actionable clinical intelligence , chart/record requests and clinical audits. Actionable reports on patients to evaluate outcomes for HRT, pap smears and upcoming deliveries etc.