Process as a Service - IaaS

2 cloud services that will make it easier for your applications and IT.

Choose from two cloud services designed to take the heat off your IT and apps.

  • Software as a Service [SaaS] applications are designed for end-users and delivered over the web
  • Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] is the hardware and software that powers the servers, storage, networks, and operating systems to deliver on-demand service
  • Software as a Service [SaaS] is ideal for Apps

    Have periodic traffic surges? Need to collaborate using software for just the project duration? Then SaaS is for you. You can use it for:

    • Email
    • CRM and Collaboration Apps
    • Financial Management
    • Customer Service Management
    • Expense Management
    • Mobile Apps

    The advantage of SaaS for these applications is that you pay only for what you use. What’s more, you get the scalability and flexibility the service offers when your demand spikes.

    With SaaS from Writer Information you get

    • Web access to commercial software
    • Software that is managed from a central location
    • Software delivered in a “one to many” model
    • Users are not required to handle software upgrades and patches
    • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow for integration between different pieces of software
  • Infrastructure as a service [IaaS Solutions] is ideal for high surge apps

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS Solutions) delivers to you the complete infrastructure, including servers, storage, network and operating systems, as an on-demand service.

    This simply means that you don’t have to purchase servers, the software to run it, or have a datacenter with space and resources to manage it. All these resources are fully outsourced to Writer Information specialists who will manage it for you. The features of IaaS that you benefit from are:

    • Resources are distributed as a service

    • Allows for dynamic scaling

    • Has a variable cost which follows the utility pricing model

    • Generally, includes multiple users on a single piece of hardware Typical examples of where you can use IaaS

    • When your service demands are very volatile. Think of spikes and troughs which are significant for your service delivery and which need to be accommodated seamlessly

    • If you’re a new organization wanting to save on capital expenditure on hardware and software and wishing to move to operating expenditure model

    • If your organization is growing rapidly and scaling your current hardware would be a problem

    • If you wish to try something new temporarily and need the service for short duration only

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