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Walking the digital path for business progression

Technological progress has undoubtedly improved our lives in all areas. It has changed the way we function, travel or even talk. But it has also fundamentally changed the way we work. This technological progress is intricately connected with the process of digitisation.

Digitisation is the process of converting information from a non-digital format into a digital format. Digitisation plays an extremely important role in the business world as it makes work much faster, smoother, and efficient. Organisations invest heavily into digital business strategies as it enables them to radically transform their business operations, streamline processes, and leverage cutting edge technologies to deliver excellent customer experience and long-lasting business value at the same time.

Our Services

Pre-Scanning Signing off scanning instructions, Document Prepping - Removal of pins, staples, straightening of papers, page numbering, adding separators etc.

Scanning Scanning of records at a resolution best suited for desired output. Inhouse scanning software – a production scanning engine used for document image capture which enables scanning of different types of documents in different properties without human intervention using powerful scripts.

Indexing & Image Tagging Indexing to quickly locate and access the data in a database. Images are labeled to make it more searchable through keywords.

Quality Check & Upload Monitor & evaluate the quality of the work performed to facilitate the realisation of benefits. Scanned images are then sent to server/cloud for storage and future retrieval.

Metadata Entry Metadata stores information related to scanned images. Accurate metadata is captured for images which becomes the base for all future search and transactions.

Our Value Additions

High Scanning Capability Records as old as 100 years are scanned using specialised scanners.

Multi-Location Projects Capability to manage projects in multiple locations simultaneously

Real Time Project Tracking Technology based real time project tracking for improved project monitoring and productivity

Customised Solutions In-house software which can manage end to end workflow

Experienced Team Dedicated team with extensive expertise to manage all levels of project challenges

Operational Benefits


Domain Expertise with Innovative Processes

Domain expertise with innovative processes leading to digitisation of employee files.

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Writer Information Business Process Services

Writer Information Business Process Services

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