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Engagement of talent pool in a company is an essential practice and leads to the overall growth of an organisation. However, the Human Resources department is mostly engaged with activities like payroll, recruitment, onboarding and others and often ignore the employee engagement activities. 

For a company to boost its businesses, people need to understand that talent engagement is a business issue and that’s why not to be treated as a mere ‘feel good’ people approach. It can be taken deep into what the employees want from a company — transparency in the structure, meaningful work, individual’s contribution to company’s success, alignment of individual’s and organisation’s values, and primarily a strong leadership.

Administrations are now understanding the nuances of seriously engaging talent in an organisation. They get to see how the world of work can get transformed into something that is completely different from what it was, even a few years ago. In this era of technology, people are more aware and well versed about the job scene through mobile technologies than their counterparts, years back. The motivation level has taken a shift. For the new generation of employees, the purpose is very important in the professional front and this includes, a suitable work environment, the right job design, individual’s progress that can be linked to the company’s goals and able leadership with the communication channels open. This is why the shift is more towards talent engagement practices that can make a company future-ready.

This brings in the relevance of outsourced HR services in today’s scenario. Organisations the world over are opting for outsourced HR services, and that too for a reason. It enables the Human Resource departments of specific organisations to look after the strategic HR initiatives rather than devoting time and energy to manage most of the transactional operations.

HR Lifecycle management services from a trustworthy brand like Writer Information help the human resource departments of companies address the core HR operations, so that they can focus on synergising business goals with better resource utilisation. Some of the core HR services that can be outsourced include:

  •  Recruitment and onboarding - Recruitment process outsourcing and staffing, screening and filtering candidates, onboarding processing, work allocation and compliance processing.
  • HR process management - Workforce administration, learning and development administration, compensation management, benefits administration, employee help desk services.
  • Payroll processing - Payroll outsourcing services, claims management, regulatory checks.
  • Performance Management - Appraisal management, talent management administration.

When the core HR processes are outsourced, the Human Resources wing of the respective companies are empowered to execute meaningful work and be recognised with immense opportunities that can lead to the growth of the organisations. It also leads to a positive and nurturing work environment which lets employees have team relationships that are inclusive, boost their learning and lead to enhancement of skills. A systematised process can lead to a culture of able leadership at all levels which the employees can trust and be proud of.



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  • Date: 13-12-2019