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Technology is disrupting all industries, and healthcare is no different. Consumer wellness and healthcare is dominated by personalized and preventive care with increasing number of stakeholders looking at use of smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Robotics and Big Data.

Although healthcare industry is always careful when adopting new technologies due to concerns around data integrity and information security, many experts as well as consumers are now choosing to see the glass as half-full. The accessibility, productivity, efficiency and cost benefits coming from new age technology solutions are just too hard to ignore.

For decades, the health care delivery has been having the following characteristics:

  • Delivery of healthcare is organized by specialities
  • Quality is measured through compliance to processes
  • Payments are in the format of a fee-for-service
  • Little integration of patient services
  • Siloed IT systems for each medical speciality

While new technologies are improving healthcare in many ways, the single most important step is towards rigorous measurement of value (outcomes and cost) which will lead to major productivity improvements and improvement in patient experience.

A lot of the improvements are possible by streamlining the workflows of the IT systems in the healthcare sector. It will help in various ways, some of which are:

  • Boost productivity by streamlining the process flow
  • Improve efficiency by detecting & fixing process limitations
  • Build patient goodwill by enhancing patient satisfaction
  • Enhance healthcare worker’s motivation by eliminating cumbersome manual approaches
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction by looping them in the communication flow
  • Reduce costs through faster and better outputs

Hospital Management Solutions from Writer Information streamline the end-to-end processes of healthcare from Billing, Finance and HR to Administration, while enhancing the quality of patient care. This software is an integrated system with an easy user experience to record and retrieve information in just a few clicks. It enables the healthcare staff to improve efficiencies and addresses challenges faced during patient care, thereby reducing the costs for healthcare delivery. The software exchanges health information electronically with other systems and helps the staff in improving quality and safety of patient care.

The key benefits of the Hospital Management Solutions from Writer Information can be listed as:

  • Provide precise, up-to-date, and comprehensive information about patients
  • Enable swift access to the records of patients for a well-coordinated and efficient care
  • Secure access of patient-level electronic information by patients and clinicians
  • Efficiently diagnose patients, cut down on medical errors, and provide safer care
  • Improve interactions and communication between patient and healthcare staff
  • Enable more reliable modes of prescribing medicines & therapeutical interventions
  • Promote clear and simple documentation that’s accurate and streamlined for coding and billing
  • Enhance security and privacy of patient data
  • Help providers improve efficiency and have a decent work-life balance
  • Enable providers meet their business goals through improved tracking & reporting
  • Reduce expenses through diminished paperwork, enhanced safety and reduced duplication

The objective of our Hospital Management Solutions is to enhance the patient experience while improving the quality, flexibility, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and dependability of healthcare services provided by our clients. The core of our philosophy is to maximize the value for patients - achieve the best patient outcomes at the lowest possible cost.

Healthcare continues to be an area of focus for the Indian economy, with public health expenditure on the rise since 2014. With the increasing healthcare needs due to higher life expectancy and increased disease burden due to lifestyle issues, the country is utilizing digital technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of the healthcare system. The Digital India programme, launched in July 2015 has a vision of improving the life of the common person through technology that is “accessible, affordable, and adds value”.

Doctors in India are able to save countless lives through innovative solutions. And we are confident of enabling the doctors and healthcare staff in achieving this noble mission.