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ECM platforms are the core components of a digital business. By integrating all the documents and enterprise content on a single platform, these systems play a pivotal role in seamlessly connecting people, processes and information in an enterprise.From the traditional document management system to an advanced version of  Content Services platforms, ECM solutions have undergone a paradigm shift.

Technology innovation and adoption is increasing at a faster rate than ever before. ECM solutions are no exception to this trend. As per multiple industry reports, the overall ECM solutions market is poised to grow to USD 43.16 Billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 14%.

Enterprise Content Management helps to:

  • Reduce the time to find any relevant information.

  • More efficient filing of documents in a central location.

  • Seamless collaboration of document and contents to work on projects more efficiently.

  • Take control on documents.

Multiple industry reviews are clearly pointing towards the gradual replacement of on-premise ECM by cloud-based solutions.

What is Cloud ECM (SaaS)?

Gartner defines SaaS as a "software that is owned, delivered and managed remotely by one or more providers. The provider delivers software based on one set of common code and data definitions that is consumed in a one-to-many model by all contracted customers at anytime on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription based on use metrics."

Infodocs® ECM Suite on Cloud (SaaS)

Writer Information's Infodocs® ECM Suite is a cloud ready set of enterprise applications which enable  organisations to digitize processes and extract value from their information assets. With  improved features and functionalities such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Infodocs® helps create greater business insights that leads to smarter, data-driven decisions. Infodocs® ECM Suite on SaaS platform allows organisations to overcome the high maintenance and development costs, do away with administrative complexities and removes barriers to adoption of traditionally deployed ECM platforms. Deployment of Infodocs® ECM on SaaS has helped corporations to deploy multiple applications on cloud in a cost-effective manner while maintaining shared services for security, compliance, and other core functions.

Benefits of Infodocs®  ECM Suite on Cloud (SaaS)

  • Ease of Access – Access  applications anytime, anywhere, through any device  via a web browser.

  • Affordable – Cloud implementation requires no upfront costs. Maintenance and Support services are included in the monthly billing,  removing the need for annual contracts.

  • Worry free IT – As Infodocs®  ECM suite is hosted on cloud platform , companies need not  worry about the maintenance of the application or the hardware it resides on.

  • High Security – Data centres employ security measures beyond the affordability of most businesses, therefore the ECM application and its data is extremely safe in the cloud.

  • Quick Deployment – Infodocs®  ECM suite  is deployed over the internet in a matter of hours/days because, compared to on premise installations which are time consuming and laborious.

  • Scalability – Cloud technologies provide greater flexibility as companies need to only pay for what they use and can easily scale up/down to match demand.