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IVF treatment, by virtue of its success in improving pregnancy and birth rates, has gained acceptance and is steadily on the rise. Over the past few decades, AR and IVF treatments have evolved as a credible option to tackle the cause of female and male infertility.

IVF treatment is an extremely personal process. There are many medical challenges to be overcome while delivering treatment on ART or IVF. The complicated nature of the treatment with multiple parameters generates a large amount of data. This makes it mandatory for IVF specialists to invest in a customized application that can seamlessly manage all the processes within the IVF clinic.

IVF clinic management software effectively organizes various data sources to present critical information on a dashboard to the end-user. The application processes data on multiple parameters such as patient data entry process, patient treatment info, the total number of tests performed, medical equipment used, etc. It also assists to manage appointments, schedules, and inventory stock. The application consolidates data from various sources in an IVF clinic such as labs, operation rooms, ultrasound scanning, consultation, patient registration desk and organizes it in an easy and secure manner.

The IVF Software Solution from Writer Information enables IVF and AR clinic personnel to efficiently manage their fertility clinics with ease. The application facilitates records management with complete details of infertility treatment along with the examinations, procedures, and treatments.

The application enhances the administration and control, provides superior patient care, reduces operational costs, and improves profitability. It is designed and developed to deliver marked benefits to Infertility clinics.

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  • Date: 31-05-2020