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As the financial landscape transitions from paper to reliable and efficient electronic based modes, velocity of processing becomes the key differentiator.

In today’s times, an aphorism “Customer is King” holds a lot of significance especially in the BFSI domain where customer on-boarding becomes the first touch point to offer and showcase excellent customer service.

Typically “Customer On-Boarding solutions” should employ all the three facets of  Business Process Management, designed to deliver fast processing with a flexibility to process design.

A fully automated solution when enabled with Machine and Reinforced Learning Technologies enables and facilitates robust monitoring, faster processing thereby ensuring smoother reconciliations. It helps manage end-to-end customer onboarding systems including Workflows, Data, AML and KYC compliance to enable quick onboarding.

Furthermore these systems helps in integrating all the existing customer related data as per business requirements, thus ensuring that the business systems or processes do not change.

Salient Benefits of Customer Onboarding Services.

  • Reduce Costs and Speed of Processing
  • Reduce labour-intensive and time-consuming customer on-boarding process by using advance capture, classify and integrated workflow technologies
  • Highly trained staff to ensure complete process is executed within the predefined turn-around-time (TAT’s)
  • Enable swift processing by slashing time by using our services to capture critical data and documents required to validate information. Also an increased in visibility to all stakeholders in the customer on-boarding process.

At Writer Information our services are designed specifically to help Bankers, Wealth Managers, Insurers, and Telecom companies.

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  • Date: 13-12-2019