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There is a varied diversity of opinions that one gets to read about Business Process Management, some attribute BPM to a Management Discipline, others a Capability while a lot of them attribute to a Technology or all of the above!

At Writer Information, we believe that there’s always can be a wide range of opinion and approaches in what remains a dynamics and an ever-changing discipline.

More simplistically BPM is a solutions-driven approach towards business wherein a set of processes or workflows, coupled with a BPM Software and people work as enablers to model, implement, execute, monitor and optimize processes.

Writer Information's home-grown intuitive BPM suite makes it possible for organizations to streamline and automate complex processes in a time bound and efficient manner.

It is distinguished by the fact that it also provides a processing platform with additional capabilities and features, beyond workflow.

They typically include

  • Business Rule Management
  • Capability to Integrate with External Systems
  • Communication Management(Between Users)
  • End-User Environment
  • Charts & Analytics

We believe that a BPM System can be categorized into 3 major types of  Business Process Management.

System Integration-Centric BPM

The primary focus of the Business Process Management is to integrate with existing/legacy systems like HRMS, CRM’s & ERP. A smooth integration that the Business Process Management should be able to solve.

People-Centric BPM

A process wherein the primary purpose of the software is to route tasks in a business process environment via a set of persons who are involved in completing the process. Typically the focus of this scenario is to get tasks done by stakeholders in a specified given time.

Document-Based BPM


Processes which revolve around documents. Our systems enable efficient routing, formatting, verifying and getting the document signed as the tasks move through the various stages of the workflow

Writer Information’s BPM has the ability to incorporate each of these above aspects.

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  • Date: 13-12-2019